Monday, November 21, 2005

My new profile pic!

me and nika Posted by Picasa

Sometimes Nika has the cutest face; other times she looks like she is barely submitting to the degradation... hahaha! I think she would rather be playing ball here. This picture was taken last week so it's recent. Like how come my gray hair never shows in these... the camera is kind!!!!!! Favor Favor Favor!!!

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Nika at 9 months

Nika 9 months Posted by Picasa
Nika remains such a wonderful blessing Cat. brought to me at a time when God was not only teaching about his generosity and amazing grace but he was and still is begining to restore everything I lost through time, rebellion and theft. Nika has opal eyes, very light blue with flecks of gold that nearly appear white but arent. She is very indepent but needs a cuddle at least once a day. And I do mean a cuddle. I have to pick her up and hold her like a little baby and she wraps her paws around my arm as i stroke her face and murmmer about how wonderful she is. She purrs and purrs and unless Nikki comes into the room she would allow me to hold her like that for a continuing lenght of time.
Dont we all need that? To at least once a day hear how wonderful we are. Its refuge, encouragement, intimacy, helps in positive growth. My time with God is like that each day. I go before him; I am awed by his perfection his love of me; his grace and his power over life and death; and I kneel before him and he takes my hand and lifts me into his lap and holds me, wipes away my tears, listens to everything as if I was the most important person in the entire word and when I am comforted and reassured and affirmed by him he lets me get from his lap and allows me to play and sing and dance at his feet and he laughs with me and enjoys my company. this is a blessing of those who are servents of God. We go to him anytime. Daily, many times daily, all day long.. repentent and fully his and he never rejects us. And we know our importance and that he delights in us.
Nika has a game.. its one only a few special cats have that there must be an apptitude for. Nikki doesnt understand it and thinks its weird. And he trys to stay out of the way when its being played. Nika likes to play fetch. She is passionate about it but not obcessed. And once a day she brings me a crumpled piece of paper and tosses it at my feet repeatedly until i throw it for her. And I laugh and throw it and challenge her and delight in the game.

I looked up her name when I decided to call her Nika. It means belonging to God. She is the first animal I've ever had that I have decidated back to God. I love her with a special foundness .. unique from NIkki but she is for God's purposes and what he decides for her I will do.

I love this photo and how the light makes her look so romantic. Someday I might actually paint it.
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