Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Is there a song about working elves?? Hmmmm

I wonder if my family gets tired of getting a painting from me each year. Gosh some of them must have quite a collection by now. Well one year I wrote a short story and sent it to all of them hahaha.It wasnt a very good story but at least it was something. Since then both my writing and my painting have really improved. Thank you God for that! Posted by Hello

These are 4 of the ten or so paintings I am working on for family members. Blues and greens is the theme this year. The paintings are between 6" by 8" and 5" by 7" depending on what I cut them from. I hate to waste paper but they should be able to frame them at 5" by 7" and it wont cost too much. I dont usually do oil paintings this size. No one will buy them for what I would have to charge to sell them. hahaha. I guess that makes them worth even more right? *hopeful look*

Dont forget to check out my website at : If you look in the gift shop section you can see the Christmas Fox. There is still time before Christmas to order it. Its a reprint of one of my most popular paintings. I used it as a Christmas card in 1995

Its Christmas Time AGAIN!!!!!

Well this year Im challenged again LOL.

Its Christmas time and I have 35 students to find Christmas presents for. And due to some sort of administration error one of my contracts isn't paying me as much as we thought soooo its just a good thing I'm an artist.

Each one of those clothes pins represents about 10 to 15 3" by 5" Watercolors. Well except the land scape.. those are oils and there are only 6 of those..for teachers aids and such. I have to say.. I am grateful that I'm blessed with talent or I would never be able to pull this off.

I sure hope the children love them. Its so hard to tell when they reach 12. Before that you can pretty much keep a child in awe because they haven't figured out yet what they can do. Now they are pushing the limits at ever turn seeing not only what they can get away with but what they can do with out your help when you show them how.. Its really kind of neat. Posted by Hello

Dont forget to check out my website at I have prints of the Christmas Fox there and there is still time to order *S*

Monday, November 01, 2004

FOX DEN ANTIQUES:Arts and Crafts Day (#3)

Here is space #25 near the front door of Fox Den Antiques.Tom, the guy who had spaces on either side of me had some amazing things he had purchased at estate sales. Posted by Hello

Tom, the gentleman who basically surrounded me on both sides, turned out to be a very interesting chap with a hobby of hitting estate sales and buying anything that he liked for a $1 and usually ending up with more than he bargained for.

Tom had a great number of prints from modern certified fine art prints by quasi well known artists to Currier and Ives reproductions , Mort Kuntsler(the civil war painter) and even a print of Winslow Homer’s. Tom had so much in fact that he hadn’t even had a chance to look through it and price it. What was really interesting about Tom was watching him work.. he is a master sales man and hardly anyone who walked by didn’t get his full attention and didn’t leave with out buying something. He was fun to talk with too. All in all the day went pretty fast.

I would say it was a better than average day. I enjoyed meeting so many people and probably gave away about 40 business cards. Lori liked my work so much that she invited me to have her hang it in her booth. I agreed and left 17 pieces with her and will bring a few more reproductions on Tuesday I hope.

I guess the biggest surprise of the day was at the very end when I was getting ready to leave and all my display things were packed up. Tom gave me the table I had been praying for. Sure it’s a little wobbly, but that’s no problem I can fix it. Now I have a place to write and a place to cut out my sewing projects. All I have to do is clean out the office so it will fit. Thanks Tom. ( and thanks God for getting that one to me so quickly*grin*)

FOX DEN ANTIQUES: Arts and Crafts Day (#2)

I got my vitimine D for the entire year and a sunburned nose.. More importantly a lot of people who haddn't seen my art had the opportunity today! Posted by Hello

By noon the sun began to burn off the fog and facing me was the sun.. something at my age I try to avoid if at all possible. I did get a fine sun burn on my nose and I'm sure my annual shot of Vitimine D that afternoon. I had Art work flowing out of the trunk of my car.

Today I was good will hunting… meaning giving out as many cards as possible and talking to people about art or what ever they had on their minds. Several friends I hadn't seen in years wandered by and talked to me about things that varied from art to the housing boom to polotics. One lady, whose visit I enjoyed immensely even had a light hearted discussion with me about what idioms a real southern lady would use or not use that would be perfectly acceptable today.

By 1 pm there was the first vestiges of the change of the day. There is a tattoo parlor on the next street over. And they were having a live rock band and motor cyclists and road racers started arriving with loud showy roars. For a fleeting second one wondered what one might be in the middle of..

I mentioned to one worried vendor that if any of the motorcycle people had their Ladies with them we would soon have a new wave of customers. It wasn't long until several couples did in fact show up. I thought it interesting that the guys with long hair tucked it up so they looked more main stream.
After a while some lady walked by my spot and asked what was going on with the music( like I know every thing hahaha) I said, " Why didn't you know? Its Ozz Fest!" (yes a few people actually smiled at that hahaha!)

FOX DEN ANTIQUES: Arts and crafts day (#1)

When the sun finally came out I had art work spilling out of the back of my car. Posted by Hello

Its 5am Saturday October 30, 2004. I've already had my shower. I'm listening to the radio. It's a Foggy dark Saturday morning. The fog is heavy and WTOP radio is telling those of us who are reluctantly awake that when the fog burns off it will be 80 degrees and their will be intermittent showers. It's a crummy day to have paintings outside.

I'm a trouper I've done this hundreds of times over the years. I know the drill. You go, you drink coffee, you look hopefully at the sky and when there is a break, you pull out three or 4 pieces that can be easily snatched up if it rains, then you do your best to make a sale.

I pulled my car into my vendor spot, #25, right in front of the building. And very close to the front door incase I needed to go inside. It was kind of Lori, the event organizer, to allow me that. My options were to leave, to stay and set up or to wait it out until the weather cleared.

By 8:30 I noticed the misting drizzle was nearly gone although the fog was still thick but clearing. I pulled out the new Fine art reproductions that were framed and the one framed painting on canvas. I had two goals.. to prove that my work was good enough to be hung inside and to test market the fine art reproductions. I made my only sale of the day by 8:45. And discovered that if I had more of those two prints framed and out where people could see them I would have sold more.

Monday, October 18, 2004

The Buck. Last of the series offered for sale.

The Buck Posted by Hello
The Buck is one of the last of the deer and horse series. It was completed in 1994 and framed in a simple maple frame with a deep red/brown cherry stain. The painting was painted on Wild Cat Mountian near Front Royal Virginia and was one of the pod bucks that lived on the property of the artist's parents. At that time the artist was reusing, muslin some of which was printed on in fabric ink. This is the case of this canvas which was gessoed over by the artist then the Buck painting applied in polymer which wont chemically react to any fabric ink that might leeche through the gesso. The Canvas is 24 inches by 24 inches and is ready to hang. It is offered for sale for $800 firm plus any shipping and handling that might be incurred. If the painting must be shipped insurance is required and will also be added to the price. Contact the artist via e-mail or if you have her business card phone her.

Were some of my inspirations come from...Mom's House.

These are the trees behind my mom's house on the mountian.
Taken just a few min apart from the sun set down the drive way in the west, you can see why visiting there always inspires me. I have done hundreds of paintings from there, including my deer and horse series from the 1990s. Posted by Hello Double click on the picture to see it bigger.

If you would like to see some of my deer and horse series paintings
click here>> Nature and Country Life. At this time all of the paintings on that page are sold and in private collections. I hope to have the Judd-Crossman gallery site linked to the site very soon. I need to up date The JCG site first and finish the site. I have a lot of new work that needs to be put up still.

My table at the River Front Christian School Bazaar on Saturday October16th. I was there at 7:30 am setting up and taking these pictures. It rained on and off but a lot of the students stopped by with parents and grandparents so I could show off their art work too. It was a great day really even though we didnt have a lot of people stop in because of the rain Im sure. Posted by Hello

Provocative Laughter: Little purrs now and then

These two kittens are creating a little conterversy at my mom's house.
Smudge is the one on the left andTucker the name of the little boy. Last Friday night he spent trying to pull the sheet off of me and clawed up the back of my leg.

These two were orphans and the little girl we didnt think would live. They were only three weeks old when my neice found them and phoned me telling me the mom had abandonded them. We think she was ill. I told my niece what to do and she convinced my sister to run over to*PET SMART* in Winchester, Virginia and buy formula and kitten bottels. My niece did a great job saving these kittens of course I think my two sisters helped too.

They are now ready to adopt out. I havent any Idea if it will actually happen. My sisters have been under such stress with all the changes of jobs and such that the kittens came along just in time to cheer them up. There is spontanious laughter at mom's now. Its been a long time since that has happened. this weekend when I was home I discovered that each kitten had adopted one of my sisters hahahaha and at night when its time for bed the kittens climb right in with them. It is my understanding that smudge will actually climb under the covers and put her head on the pillow. *thoughtful look* Misha used to do that when she was a kitten. In Fact Misha would get tired of waiting up for me and just put herself to bed. Amazing the first time I lost her I found her in my bed with her little furry head on the pillow and her body under the covers. hahaha .. Posted by Hello

Thursday, September 16, 2004

NewPainting! Fire Tree Ponies by L.L.Martin

I've spent a month reorganizing after taking my little siter to college. I really miss her but call her twice a week.
I'm trying to adjust to not having a tv so i started going to the library and checking out videos. There are still two tapes from the last series of "All creatures Great and Small" I havent seen. Bad timing on my part hehe.
Then someone suggested that I buy rabbit ears. Well there are only a couple of channels that I really miss since I lost my cable. PBS is one and now I get the brit coms on Saturday night and all is right with the world. (wish they would bring back "To The Manor Born"*little sigh*).. and I checked out the book: Andrew Wythe's Helga Series. I poored over it.. studied it.. did 4 watercolor paintings..not yet as good as his..and started this oil of ponies.

I cant belive I finished it in three sittings. But then horses to me are like writing my name sometimes. I dont think I got the colors right when i resized it .. but at least you all can see it. Posted by Hello This painting is probably going to be a fundraiser donation. But there are more to come in the series of ponies and trees. If you want to see it bigger just double click the picture.

See more of Linda L. Martin's work at or see her other blog: Linda'sArt News
to view the 14 paintings of Las Lonely Girls and See her exhibition schedual for the Fall.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

how come i still have ads and when do i get paid??

*glances UP at the top of page* how come i have ads at the top of my page and im not getting paid for them?? well we shall see what happens next hahaha

Friday, July 30, 2004

New Painting From Linda L. Martin

July 2004

Copyright2004 Linda L. Martin
Oil on Watercolor Paper

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Posted by Hello

New Painting form Linda L. Martin

Break in the Storm
July 2004
Oil on Watercolor Paper
Copyright2004 Linda L. Martin

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I love personal messages and comments pertaining to my work
or something you read or want to contribute to my musings.
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Posted by Hello

New Painting From Linda L. Martin

Butterfly Weed and Astors
July 2004
Copyright2004 L.L.Martin
Oil on Watercolor Paper

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Recent New Paintings Posted by Hello

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Just a little side bar on Kinkade

I happened across the transcript of the 60 mins interview with Thomas Kinkade last evening. In additon to all his other marketing skills he is trying to pass off retouched glacee' prints on canvas as original art work. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesnt original mean the frist .. from which all copies were made????

See now this is the thing that makes me mad.. and makes it hard for me to sell my work. Because people(buyers) get confused by this streatching of the truth and dont realize that they are actually buying a copy that has been painted over, not  by kinkade but by possibly and army of assistants especially trained in Kinkade's techniques. Factory painting.. combined with print making.. and each piced a unique and different piece.. though from all the same mold. This makes kinkade not an artist so much as the designer of a reproduced commoidity.

Im telling you folks.. artists better be doing what they are doing because they have something to say.. and because they just love doing it.. because the middle class art consumer is being decieved and they are just plain ignorant about what art is.. and what a print is. Who suffers for that..??? Those who think they are investing in fine art.. but are really investing in a very collectiabe copy.. and those who are making real art who cant get their price... because people dont think ther work is as good as Kinkades.

The essey stands... with the above addendum. *long sigh*

Friday, July 16, 2004

Perfect on July 4th: Still Life

I've started the complex frustration and prolonged agony of painting still-lives. Its a hard exercise and I balk at the thought..yet, know that it is necessiary if I am to improve and keep my landscapes and my women fresh.
Perfect is my sister's little black cat. She is infamous this little "Perfect" Cat. So tiny and fradgile at barely 4 lbs. She among all the mountain ferals was aloud to venture in and stay. She is infamous for eating every potted plant anyone has tried to bring into the house and for waiting for the "perfect" time to hide under my mothers bed and wait until her rebellious parakeet escaped while the family was out one day.  Alas poor "chirp" we knew him well.  I fully expected banishment.. for Perfect. Mom taught that bird a bunch of stuff besides how to escape his cage when no one was home. The sweet little bird is only a memory now and the occaional little yellow or green feather that pops up when the bed is made.
The vase was my grandma's. The flowers I picked on July 4th from along the drive way.. they are red clover, white queen anne' s lace and blue wild bachelor's buttons, some also call chickory. Its a tradtion I started about 18 years ago.. picking red white and blue flowers for the table on the 4th. Sometimes it was for my grandma's reddest roses to be included. This year they were so unhealthy that my sister cut them back completely. Maybe by Fall we will have them again. Posted by Hello
Believe me is not a dead domain link or dead site.. no matter what the danged browers say. I work on it a couple of times a week. hahaha. so check out more of Linda L. Martin's fine Oil paintings at  !!!! Yes the site is really there.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

People with no asthetic depth will look at this painting and see nothing of its importance. But the more I look at its parts the more I see what I was saying and doing subconciously. i dont think this is finished yet but i probably wont work on it anymore today. Do you see the difference between the shaded side of the body and the part that is in the light... gosh look at this sweet gentle beauty of a face in the light.. she is seeming at peace.. this sweet repose.. but in the shade she has cried tears, has bitten her lip until it is brused. her arm is strong and ready to fight, her hair falls across her back is some great spun spiritual shield so none can attack her from out of the darkness... she is alluring and sensual in the light.. but that is a mistake of the eye and lustful heart.. for if you look at her shaded hand it holds gently, it comforts and steadies. the most stlized part of her skirt covers her womb a place of birth rebirth and great comfort. This great exercise in futility becomes not a stylized mismash of mediocre art, but a statement of womenhood: powerful, emotional, embracing, sexual, comforting, protecting and controlled. my selfesteem took a heavy blow this past week in the midst of all the turmiol. I was told that I was not a very good artist and that it was futile that I keep painting...a friend who turned enemy.. who thinks that the work of robert kinkade is equal to the mastery of andrew weythe (rolls eyes).. it only hurt because im always afraid down deep inside that im not good enough at what i do.. so i drive myself harder and harder... there is more to this painting.. but i wont even discuss it here. The eye .. the quick eye will see it..hahaha. oh e-mail me when you think u understand. i dont think anyone will get it. well maybe one person.(wink) Posted by Hello

Look at this static arm! its some sort of benigned tense, yet completely ready for action... it is like a soldjiers arm when he is at attention. The hand is almost clenched in a fist but not tightly so. it could go either way. Like a hidden tension. it is a fighting arm or a loving arm and capable of great action as well as great inaction.  Posted by Hello

I want to scream. I want to beat my fists against this rage inside me. The injustice of fathers and sometimes mothers who beat their children into some sort of twisted submission just because they can. And these baby victems grow up to be adult disfunctional codependent abusers. its to late to take them in my arms and heart and make the pain go away. They embrace it like some wonderous comfort. its a place so familure to them that they think it is in their twisted minds, normal.I cannot fight this wave.. yet the anger builds in me because some realize they have a choice to stop the pain.. to stop spreading this twisted immoral intorralable irrational love hate control senario. And they dont even try. others are so broken in spirit, so twisted in reality they cant even beging to change with out help. I hate this painting.. well hate is a strong word. I dont hate it really.. its just not beautiful and asteticly pleaseing to me. And as I write this i suddenly understand why. Its because all I am feeling right now exploded on to the canvas. Futility is right. I can change nothing. I can change no person. I can only comfort those who are left in the wake of the devistation and pray and hope they will see the warning signs next time and flee with all thye have before next time its not treats and a beating.. but death that is the result. Posted by Hello painting

I havent painted since last wednesday. Its hard to focus when there is this undercurrent of turmoil. yesterday in brazen deturmination I decided to start this painting. As if in some obcessed frenzy I just kept at it. I havent worked this large (18" x 24") for years. I dont even know what my goal is except to get the image on the canvas a quickly as possible and paint a bright green checked top. I think the head is too big.. the forearm too static, the cloth too stylized.. and wonder of wonders do i paint a great de'clotage' or what! Posted by Hello   view more of the fine oil paintings of Linda L. Martin on

Friday, July 02, 2004


Nikki is just the coolest cat sometimes. Here he is posing for Independance Day.  Posted by Hello

New Painting!!!

This is one of the Newest paintings and my second red-head. "Faith Thinking" In these I use green as well as violet in the skin tones for the first time. The effect of the bangs, although not done justice in this photograph" really amazed me. And I had fun with the shirt as it is a series of underpaintings that show through to make the shadowed and light places on the shirt. Posted by Hello

What A Girl Wants...... etc. etc.

Last night someone asked me what it was that I really wanted. I had such a hard time answering that question. You see as women we spend the majority of our lives, even the most liberated of us, putting aside what we really want to make sure the everyday effort of living allows us and those we love to survive and hopefully find happiness. In fact we bury that part of us so deeply that when asked we cant even express it.

Its such a simple question. How could I not know the answer. But I do know the answer. Deep inside I think that the one thing any woman really wants is to be cherished, to know that she is really important to one special person, that her thoughts and dreams and wishes matter. That he recognizes her desires and wants are more than whims; they are in fact necessities. And with that to be respected and truly valued. I want that.

My needs are simple .. food, security, shelter, water, art supplies, anything else I need to work with, cash to bail out my family if they need it and money left over to help who ever comes to the door and needs genuine help. I live simply, haven't bought shoes in two years, make most of my clothes or buy them at insanely reduced prices. Sometimes when money permits I allow myself the luxury of cable or I order delivery from my favorite Italian restaurant. I sometimes buy stuff for the fish or Nikki. Some months I do with out.. some months I have more than enough.

But just once in my life I wish I could have a French manicure, own a brand new really beautiful party dress, have a hair dresser give me a do and stand at the top of the stair case to have this incredible man looking up at me in a way that only men who are truly in love with women look at them.. and he meets me half way.. Takes my arm and leads me out to dance…(little sigh) its been so long since I danced with anyone, come to think of it.

People always try to put me in a box. Men, I think are the worst. They some how read things that aren't there or create things they wish were there, because the rest of the complicated feminine soul they just can't fathom. Thankfully God understands me and as I grow closer to final maturity I realize he is the only one that really matters.

All this said, and suddenly the statement I am beginning to make with Las Lonely Girls becomes more and more important to me. Women, every day women.. Not media women but real women. Not feminist either. Both groups do as much harm as they do good. And both quite often miss the point. Every day women who have hopes and dreams and desires, but who sacrifice them and put them aside to raise their children and make their marriages work or just simply stand behind a friend or boyfriend. They grasp at happiness where ever they can, in little things. In Shared history with husbands, boy friends, family, friends and community.

I think I would have loved to live a traditional life.. been a traditional wife and mother.. except for one thing.. After about 5 years of it, with the wrong man, I would have been bored and frustrated and ripe for a rebellion. There can be a lot of hurt in a rebellion.

I had a friend tell me once: "If you want to be really happy find that one thing you are really passionate about, and do it the best you can. Then follow your peace. Don't let anyone douse your passion or disturb your peace."

Everything I do in my life requires that I have peace.. that I embrace a certain amount of solitude. Anyone who loves, respects me, cherishes me, is going to protect that and respect it. They will encourage me in all my passions and revel in them. I would do no less for them.

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Saturday, June 26, 2004

LAS LONELY GIRLS "called by anyother name is just as sweet.."(poor Shakespear alas .....)

I have after careful thought, and after standing in the middle of my kitchen, where I paint, and staring at all the paintings I have, in all the different series and progressions of women, decided that when a painting is what I consider “museum quality”, I am going to add it to the collection I have decide to call "Las Lonely Girls".

OhhhhKayyyyyyyyyyyyeeee. I am totally enthralled with two bands these days. The first is GidgetsGaGa. My friend Mickey Flores is the” force” behind its driving pop tunes. He reaches to the heart of his surroundings and every song he writes is from what he observes in a colorful obsession of commentary through the eyes of an Artist who uses his guitars as his brushes and paints, and popular watering holes of Midwestern cities as his canvas. Instead of having his works burned into your eyes like some Caravaggio of painting, his work burns into your very soul through your ears. If faith comes by hearing.. Hey, baby, Im a believer!!!!! (GidgetsGaGa’s new CD is coming out soon and I cant wait to hear it!!)

The second band is Los Lonely Boys. Three Latino country singers from “Texaz”, take Nashville by storm, but have to find another town to break into the big time. I’m like a sucker for a pop guitarist who plays with Apache tendencies and has… long hair! But I didn’t know what these guys looked like or where they were from when I heard “Heaven” for the first time…. I think I was painting and had it on in the background. Then I saw the video.. Ayeeeeeeeee! It’s a work of Art! “Heaven” is a work of art!

So with Mickey Flores’ Belmont and Lullaby going through my head, and Los Lonely Boys’ Heaven close on their heals.. Its amazing I can write my own music. Although I did manage this past week. So with great flourish.. and an imaginary drum roll…tadatadatadatada…etc etc In honor of two break out bands that impress me… I here by dub my “fat ladies collection”: “LAS LONELY GIRLS”

see more work of L.L.Martin at: www.llmartin.comor pick up one her latest NEWS

Tuesday, June 22, 2004


Detail of the wild rabbits watching Nikki in Day in the Life of Nikki Series. Posted by Hello

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This Painting is from a series I was thinking of doing back in 1998. Its was to be called: A Day in Life of Nikki. I have ideas for the rest of the 20 painting series from activities I observed Nikki doing when we lived in the country and he could come and go as he wished.

I got discouraged when I finished this painting and never finished the series. Not because the painting didn�t do what I wanted it to but because I didn�t have enough money for materials to do it. The little materials I had on hand had to be set aside incase I was commissioned to paint a horse portrait. At that time I was just grabbing at any commission I could get so I often did receive an advance.

Now I always get at least a third of the commission in advance for materials. Its non refundable. This was suggested by a businessman acquaintance of mine I met from my time in Texas in 2001. He told me that by taking a non-refundable advance you prevent people from costing you money who aren�t serious about the work you do.

It so sad that Artist as a rule are not educated in good business practices. If I could change one thing about my art training is that when I requested to take business classes I was discouraged from it because it was not considered an integral part of a Liberal Arts degree. Still a special class designed especially for artists would prevent a lot of the frustration that artists have over funding.

It could include such information as writing grants, managing inventory, tax law over views, copyrights, minimal record keeping, negotiating contracts with galleries, agents and patrons. Things that are uniquely important to Artists and help them protect all the time and effort they have invested in their work. I hope that since 1978 things have changed and educators with vision have found a way to empower young artists coming up. Posted by Hello

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First Thought: detail

First Thought: detail of face Posted by Hello

I actually painted this painting last night. It took me about 3 ½ hours. During the course of the painting I received a call from one of my friends. It was sort of neat because I just kept right on painting during the entire conversation. When we disconnected I looked down and realized that I had painted the entire blue robe while we were talking on the phone.

I am really liking the direction this painting is taking me. Its sort of like Renior meets VanGough. Sometimes when you work really hard on something you feel really hungry and tired. When I finished this painting I wanted hot tea and cinnamon toast.

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"FIRST THOUGHT" (a new painting)

This painting is called First Thought.
Like that first thought you have when you wake up in the morning.

I was stuck by two things that made me smile. The pose is very close to a mid-evil icon painting. Just a flick of the wrist and that hand next to her face could be blessing the viewer. The other thing was.. I just sort of wanted her to be holding a little tiny Star Trek like cell phone. If you look twice you see she isn’t but the first time if you aren’t on your toes you might actually think you see it. Ahh, the joys of impressionism, and the interpretation of the viewer.

While I am still using my traditional earth tones I have expanded the pallet to employ more cobalt blue and cobalt violet. And instead of depending more on the burnt sienna as my base tone for skin I have moved more to a light warm pallet for the skin of cadmiums in the form of red light and yellow light. I’m not brave enough to use the greens in the skin tone yet but this too shall change with time.

My next challenge in this process is to try to develop consistency in color form technique and image. This is the most difficult and can at times become the most boring part of the process. It is like doing your multiplication tables over and over and over again.

Remember the goal here is to gain control, to discipline yourself as an artist in the techniques you discover so that when the real work begins what you accomplish in interpretation is done effortlessly. Posted by Hello

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Breakneck Speed! The ART OF CREATIVE MANIA

Breakneck Speed! The Arts and Creative Mania.

Sometimes in Art the progress an artist makes comes fast and furious. Eating and sleeping become inconsequential. You rush headlong into creativity and time, days pass and you don’t know it.. you just don’t want to loose the momentum. Good Creative days coming one right after the other and you want to milk it for all its worth with out any interruptions from romantic admirers, friends that want to tell you all their problems that are the same problems they cant seem to solve over and over again, responsibilities of family, home repairs, shopping, doctors appointments, sleep.

Its more charged than speed or any other high.. you just zoom to your doom from exhaustion hoping that Providence will allow you the opportunity to finish. And those brief breaks that you take, you plead with God to increase your time so you can finish the task, bless your endeavor and help you accomplish it because you know you aren’t humanly capable of keeping up the pace. But you just don’t want it to end.

Among all this stark reality of the Creative Mania, you realize that not one member of your family or friends understands what you are doing, what you are going through, understands the passionate drive, that keeps you going on two hours of sleep and going with out food to paint and paint and paint… except God who has blessed you with, for the first time in months, something that is working, finally, the way you want it to.

Those thoughts and pictures in your head.. they are traveling thorough your hand finally to the paint and canvas and images are leaping out at you telling the story you want them to tell, the colors and brushes are giving you the effects you want them to show. This is the Blessing.. to have it all come together for as much time as you can keep it coming. Until it runs out.. and then you struggle again until the breakthroughs start again and you suddenly find there is technical control.. it happens with each new level you achieve in painting, in writing, in music. It is the Creative Process that drives you to passion, often drives your family crazy and marks you as a “selfish bugger” or… well it rhymes with itch. It drives away possible mates at breakneck speed because they know that they cant complete with what they suppose is your secret lover.

God understands it.. he put it in you. Sometimes a family member who shares it also understands. And once in a life time you meet a person of mate potential who not only understands it, but has it as well.. and when you pass as two ships in the night …you at least always have something to talk about, to share, to empathize with each other about, to encourage.

You pray in your small human life that God will bring you such a mate. That any children you have will also be inherently filled with it. That your patrons become so interested in what you are doing, they too will at least seek to learn about this Creative Process, so that even if they cant understand it, they can at least accept it as normal. That you aren’t really borderline insane .. you are in fact just really really focused.

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RED SHIRT#4(detail)

Detail of Red Shirt #4 Posted by Hello