Saturday, January 08, 2011

Looking towards Valentines Day 2011 and Thinking of the Past.

Valentine's Day
Aceo 3.5 by 2.5 inch
Watercolor n Ink

I just love Valentine’s Day! I mean chocolate and Romance right?? Well every year my dad would send us all a Valentine and buy us a little Chocolate heart. In my entire life I don’t think I ever had a boyfriend during Valentine’s Day, except for one year. And I think he forgot!

So why do I love Valentine’s Day? Well I think it’s really a wonderful time to share how much you love those close to you. Your children, your parents, brothers and sisters and even your best friends. I mean it doesn’t have to be about Romance it can be about that awesome camaraderie that comes through family ties and close friendships that make our lives special.

Sharing love doesn’t have to be about “sex” and it doesn’t have to be unrealistic romantic notions that never can be lived up to.

Pug Dog Valentine
ACEO 3.5 by 2.5 inches
Watercolor embellished with
Gold Acrylic
Original Painting
 One of the coolest Valentine’s Day’s I ever had was actually at Laurel Race Course. I was covering two Stakes races on Valentine’s Day. I forgot it was Valentine’s Day, but I owed my photographer and wanted to buy her lunch. We were pampered! Roses and Chocolate and a set menu of Fillet Minong or some fish . (we both turned down the complimentary campaign because we had to drive back to Virginia that afternoon) We had the best seat in the house and an afternoon of racing and some sort of chocolate hazelnut torte that melted all kinds of ways in our mouths. And of course some absolutely amazing horse racing.

After lunch we sat there watching the races and she thanked me then sighed. “I cant believe I just had the best Valentine’s Meal ever and I wasn’t even with a guy.”

I just laughed. I suppose it was because I had long given up on that romantic notion that I had to have a guy and the romance and just found a great deal of contentment in enjoying the day.

Piggy with Hearts
Aceo 3.5 by 2.5 inches
Watercolor Original
 So when you think about Valentine’s Day this year, focus on the companionship and appreciation of family and friends or maybe someone who has sacrificed their time and comfort so you could be where you are. As a Christian we call that Agape love. The love of a friend for a friend.

“ No greater love is this that one lays down his life for a friend.”~Jesus of Nazareth

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