Monday, March 09, 2009

Question of the Week:What does your favorite color say about you?

I belong to a group in Facebook called: Christian Blog and Podcast. Each week the blog owner, JoJo poses a question for discussion about communication.

This week is telling something about each other by the color we choose to represent our selves i.e. our favorite color.

I had to think about it a while, because as an artist I dont just deal with simple color, I deal with color pallets. I do have some that I favor over others. Winter earth tones for examble are usually a mixture of colors we could consider neutral. lots of ochers, siennias and umbers, cobalts, pthao's ultramarine with a variety of whites. When it snows things perk up a bit. And we move to a lot of violets, blues and whites. Occasionally after a snow storm there is a sunset so brilliant in pinks, oranges and golds that you cant imagine any chemist making that color combination. Another way to perk up the drab monotonous tones is such a wonder to me at times. God colors the birds to give a bright spot in the darkness: Gold finches , Cardnials, Purple finches and a variety of Woodpeckers with spots of yellow or red.

So having said all of this I truely think it hard for me to choose simply one color. But as near as I can tell it would be Fuchisa. Fuchisa is that color half way between Red, and a mixture of White and Purple.. that is both warm and cool. It is too dark for pink, too pink for red, too red for purple and too cold with its touch of blue to be warm. When I think of it in terms of color theory it is a accent color. Like little red birds dancing about a winter picture. It compliments greens in the summer and spring by dotting it randomly about a painting you can create the illusion of birds and life thorughout a predominatly green landscape painting. You can use it as dots on the inner part of animimal eyes or people eyes to give them an illusion of life.

Also since it is a mixture of all colors it is the sum of its part. Red the blood of Jesus Shed for our sins, Blue life giving water that washes away our sins, and the word that transforms our minds into his, mixed together they make purple wich is wisdom and royalty, handed down through spiritual knowledge of who Jesus is and why he loves us and how it should help us view the world. White is a mixture of all colors, the relationship between us and each other and God himself. It is the White that tempers the red and the touch of blue to make the color seem more gentle, yet inviting and brighter.

I think what my favorite color says about me is that I am a complicated mixture of all of my parts. One person sees me and thinks I am one way, usually because that they see something familure to them, and another person will see me another way and think something different for exactly the same reason. Fuchsia is fun, bold, vibrant,it irritates the senses of some, is taken for grant-it by many, it is often rejected because it seems to over power or seems out of place. Many times its importance is over looked entirely until its gone. Then no one really knows what is missing unless it is added later by someone who understands its signifigance and places it appropraitly.

I do not think that I would paint a whole painting in Fuchsia but with out a little touch of it here and there the vibrance and sparkle of a work of art would be missing. Like an artistic dej vu. You know everything looks right but until its applied there is no life.

A Fuchsia person is ofter avoided, overlooked, seen to be intimidating and wanting control but really they just want to give love and be loved. When you realize your possition in Christ, believing him, loveing him and understanding that all these things are strengths for your assignment; then you are willing to wait on him and yield to his ways, his voice. When you learn to rest and not to move until he tells you to he will use this bold beauty to minister to the needs of others, to be his voice on so many levels and bask in the love he created you in. It can be and is a very very amazing journey.