Sunday, December 19, 2010

Latest Commission: December Birthday painting..

Georgie and Mom
8 by 10
by Linda L Martin

I have never done a lot of art with humans as the subject.Mainly because animals have been my passion. I have done a total of two people portraits not including the required self portraits when in art school  a good 30 years ago. It requires a good photo image, a keen eye and a skilled hand to have a painting that is anywhere near the likenss of the person. And in my case it  also requires the grace of God that the person for whom the portrait is pleased with the work.

Each time I paint a painting with a living breathing person it is the same for me. I muster every bit of courage in the midst of trepidation and press into the frey of creativity to complete what I hope will be a kindly rendering of the person and  that doesnt offend anyone, especially the subject in question.

Close up of Georgie

So last eveing, with a good deal of fan fare and excitment, I  delivered the proof to the  new ower of "Georgie and Mom", wishing that I could see her face and her reaction. Seperated by the miles the delight at the painting electrified the phone lines with joy as I listened to her open the email and exclaim in ooohs and ahs how wonderful it is and how cute. This trepid path I wandered of human rendering turned into delight and joy, an opportunity to bless. It humbles me each time such a challenge presents its self and no one is disappointed.

I hope the remainder of my commissions for this Holiday Season meet with the same response. They will have to wait to be viewed until after Christmas, as they are surprizes and some of those receiving them are on FaceBook and the net. However, here I can share with you  " Georgie and Mom".

If you would be interested in a Watercolor pet portrait plase contact me at put "commission" in the subject line.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree: Interesting things I find and Memories.

 Tonight I was searching for gazebos to inspire me for a sketch I need for a commission. And wonder of wonders this amazing cake did appear in my google search. It sure did bring back memories.

Close up of Cake Central
Gazebo Tree.

When I was a little girl my mother had time to decorate cakes. This was before Sister #3 was born. She had this one cake she made one Christmas that was  very simple snow icing and a beautiful decorated Christmas tree made of icing and sprinkles and nonpareils. I don't remember what flavor the cake was or even eating it but I remember being there and watching her make it.

She daubed each little drop of green on the round cone that made the tree while the cake cooled. Then she layered and iced the cake. Mom made the icing using vegetable Crisco, pure vanilla and powdered sugar. And a tiny drop or two of water. 

Gazebo Christmas Tree I found on
Cake Central. It takes moms little
Christmas Tree to the next level.
You can see it here:

The final touch was to add the decorated icing Christmas tree and then to put a nice green icing boarder around the  top and bottom edge of the cake.  This is one of my many favorite memories of Christmas. It wasn't the lights, the music, the gifts, the pageants at church, although all of that was important. It was the fact my mom and dad always did Christmas with us. It was a family thing. We learned, shared, experienced everything with love sprinkled on top. May be that is the reason I love Christmas. It about giving love. 

We Celebrate the ultimate gift of love  at Christmas time; that of Christ coming to bring that love, that reconciliation, unconditional, unbounded, forgiven before we were even born Love that is the total reconnection to God. My greatest joy at Christmas is spending time with  my family and giving to them.  God's Greatest joy is spending time with us and giving us his Son. Pretty awesome I think.

So call me a pagan heretic if  you want but that Christmas tree in my past and in my life now is the past, present, and future promise of what love has done in my life. Christmas trees always point to heaven and that's how it should be. =0)
"For if I am silent, even the rocks and trees, all of nature, will cry out that Jesus Christ is Lord"
Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Studio Frame Shop LLC in Warrenton, VA Sale until Dec 31st

Beautifully Framed Art and Reproductions grace the
elegant staircase and landing leading up to the main
frame and materials show room at
Studio Frame Shop LLC in Warrenton, Va
 Come see my Original Paintings in the Studio Frame Shop LLC in Warrenton, Virginia

As I was growing up in small town rural Virginia I noticed an over looked trend. The old paint shops diversified as their communities grew. In addition to house paint and caulking they began to carry a wide variety of artists supplies and services including framing and display. This trend has carried over in some Historic Communities such as Warrenton Virginia.

The Studio Frame Shop LLC is one such venue that carries a wide variety of professional artists supplies and provides the community with the highest quality of framing and display services. They are located in the upper level of the Paint Shop right across Alexandria Pike from Horse Country Saddlery.

My original Fox In The Woods painting
graces the fox hunting art display
along with reproductions of the
 Warrenton Hunt Hounds and a Herring.

Owning a business like this was just moving up to the next level for Sissy Holtzclaw and her partner and friend, Sherri Shamburg. The two met while working in the old Ben Franklins in Warrenton; where Sissy taught Sherri how to frame. This art and framing shop in Old Town Warrenton is more than just a typical artist’s store and frame shop; they take it to the next level with gallery framing, original work from local artists and high quality reproductions framed and ready for display.

I first heard of these two entrepreneur women when I discovered that they had been framing a lot of my miniature work that had sold locally. When they discovered that I was still local and that I had larger works they invited me to exhibit in their shop. They would provide the framing and the paintings would be offered to the public. That was in 2008 and I love the humor and professionalism of these two hard working women.

Currently 4 of my paintings are on display there. This is fox hunting and horse country so my work fits in nicely. In addition, several of the larger Mustang a Day Challenge paintings will be framed and offered for sle locally at the Studio Frame Shop sometime in February.

The Studio Frame Shop is opened 9 to 5 Monday to Saturday. Currently and until December 31th they are running a sale on select items as well as readymade frames and framed prints. If you are in the area enjoying the Christmas decorations or doing some shopping please stop by and say hello.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Tis the Season: Commissions for the Holidays

Regina and Alejandro
5 by 7 Inches
Acrylic on Canvas Board
by Linda L Martin (c)2010
Yes its that time of year. Finishing up Christmas Commissions for the next 2 weeks. Dogs, Cats and Horses this year. Not to mention Im working on The Mustang A Day Challenge too.

The thing about doing Christmas Commissions is that one must usually wait until after the Holiday to post such works. Fortunately, I have one client that has agreed to let me share the portrait I just finished last week of her beautiful Andalusian horse and herself. Seriously, I dont paint many people, but I was happy to make the effort. Thankfully, it turned out quite flattering for all involved. Thank you Regina for letting me share with everyone. Here is Regina and Alejandro ( Very Beautiful Names too =0))

Sunday, November 28, 2010

WhooHoo! Christmas Shopping on Cyber Monday!! (Free Shipping! Read How Below)

Tomorrow is Cyber Monday!
Very cool indeed. And here is something for blog readers only. If you purchase over $50 worth of art off any of my etsy sites FREE SHIPPING if you type in CyberSunnyMonday in the message.

Let me show you some of the very cute items I have. These are perfect for stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, or Teacher gifts. You can also slide them into a greeting card for a friend faraway as a little surprise gift. Each one of these wonderful unique Original ACEOs is Under $20 each. There are also a number of Small paintings available as well.

And while you are looking please don’t forget to support Alder Hill Farm Equine Rescue. 50% of the purchase price goes directly to Alder Hill Equine Rescue for the upkeep of the two mini horses and one mini mule they have rehabilitated. If you want to read more about Alder Hill Farm Equine Rescue their site address is right on the etsy listing Page for the Mini’s Cards and prints.

Just A reminder its Two days until the Mustang A Day Personal Challenge Begins. December 1st. The blog is up and running here:


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My painting "Spirit of the Mustang" was selected this week for the Best of Zazzle!

I just decided to begin listing my designs on Zazzle this week to promote the Mustang A Day Challenge Series that I will be doing begining in December. I'm also going to be marketing other work there too. Its so much easier than trying to design and make all these things in house and they come highly reccomended. So what a surprise when I was chosen among the millions to be represented and featured with 29 other artists in  this weeks Best of Zazzle. Its an honor. I hope this will help me make some sales to fund the entire project. Well thats the idea. 

Im also busy setting up a web page for the project which should be up very soon so all can see it. What an awesome three weeks this should turn out to be with commissions for the Holidays, preparing for the Challenge and finsihing up my other work. Its always an adventure.

If you havent seen my new items on please take a look:*  The originial painting is now in my Wild Side Store on Etsy. and as of this writing lists for $265.00. Its value is going steadily upword.  You can see it at:

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spirit: The Mustang Art by LindaLMartin, Artist

Abstract Expressionsist Originial
by Linda L Martin
Acrylic on Canvas
5" by 7"
$265.00 on Etsy
 My new painting is called “ Spirit”

I had never seen the Nature programs about the wild mustang Cloud. Yesterday, I found them on the Nature website and watched all three of them in reverse order. It was both inspiring and validating.

There is this posturing that goes on when stallions meet. Or when a stallion wants to court a mare. My painting depicts this in an expressionist style. Meaning, I don’t copy a photo or use a reference I paint from my feelings right on the canvas. This painting is executed in earth tones and white. A limited pallet of raw umber, raw sienna, burnt umber and white. I used a tiny bit of burnt sienna to accent the areas that needed red. This painting is now available for sale in my Etsy Wild Side Store.

It is a 5” by 7” acrylic on canvas and is signed in pencil on the back with a signature in paint on the front.

It sells for $265.00

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nika and Me in the Studio

She is a sweetie but hates the flash
  Nika, as you know is my rescue cat. She turned 6 in may. Hard to believe its been that long. Nika has her own line of note cards and prints on etsy. Everything I sell goes directly to her and my other companinon animal's up keep. She is my rescue baby. I havent taken any photo's of Nika for a while and my friend Charlotte gave me a wonderful plum sweat shirt when I was visiting mom last time so I thought why not. Nika and Me in the studio in my plum sweat shirt. (not only is that shirt very warm but its the same color as my car LOL)

Just a cuddle

 My Studio is about  16 by 12 feet not a bad size. On Saturdays I clean it up and we hold house churh here. The studio allows for 4 total and the cats usually attend.  It also gives me a good reason to clean up every week.

Just one note about Nika. I dont think anyone in my family but my mom has seen her in over 3 years because she is so shy. So here is proof sisters  and niece that she really does exist. =0)) 

You will notice my antique
Western Saddle in the background.
I havent ridden for 20 years
but the saddle gives me hope
 that one day again I will.

"Photo shoot over mom.
I need to get back to my sleeping."

You can see some of Nika's line of art on Etsy in My LindaLMartin Artist shop at this link:

To see all my items from both of my stores search LLMartin in  under Handmade search

Monday, October 18, 2010

Stink Bug Invasion.. they have sent out the scouts and they are in my freezer!!

When trying to capture and eradicate a pest one must first study their behavior. This works in all sorts of warfare especially against those who are unaware of your purpose or intent. In my case it is in the sudden invasion of scout stink bugs.

Yes they send out scouts. These little buggers first come in one at a time in small numbers you can manage then next time out bring more of their friends. Once they inhabit an area they return year after year. According to the garden guy on WTOP radio in DC, Mr Mike McGrath, the best way to get rid of them is to capture them and put them in the freezer then flush them.

So when I managed to get the first three at the door or in one case the window( that was the Fabreez experiment) I wasn’t too surprised when last night in my mostly darkened house one swooped down on my desk light. And the game was on!

The first rule of stink bug warfare is insecticides doesn’t kill them and  and the Second rule is: to crush them releases a toxic stench that will permeate the house with their most delicate of pheromones, which is like a huge invitation to other stink bugs that “THE PARTY IS ON FOLKS! COME ON DOWN”

My first thought was Mason jar. That being unavailable I made a paper cone. It was just a matter of getting that puppy to walk ( or tumble ) into the cone without agitating him into fumigation. Then once into the cone, tape up all the edges, fold down the wide mouth top and pop it into the freezer.

Ok, now Mr. McGrath didn’t exactly tell me how long the little gray, potentially smelly bug had to stay in the deep freeze, so I figure if I leave him for 24 hours or so, then flush him that at least one potential wave of stink bugs I will not have to deal with… at least this year.

One word of warning. When dealing with stink bugs any act of aggression can back fire, especially the aerosol versions.. when you spray these puppies its like they know that you are down wind.. one of their tactics. Thus if you spray them with bug spray you are either going to end up with it all over yourself or your act of aggression will make them spray your air like the little insect skunks they are.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Art Center in Orange, VA: They now carry my Blank Note Art Cards

The front of the Art Center
On  East Main Street across from the Train Station

What an awesome trip to Orange yesterday morning. Its begining to become very beautiful out there. All the trees are kissed with color but its not quite here yet. I visited the Art Center in Orange last week and they were interested in my art after seeing my portfolio. Since they have some space limits they were very interested in my Blank Note Cards. I have some of the Christmas  and Holiday cards in stock so I delivered  them this morning for a try out on consignment. It will be intersting to see how they do. I hope they have a lot of traffic this week and that people just love my paintings! 

I love this beautiful Gallery Space.
The current exhibit has 72 paintings
by artist  Laura Edwards Wooten.
The show of her works runs through October 31, 2010

Winter Fox Blank Note Card
8pck with 8 envelopes
$12.50 plus S&H

 My Winter Scenes Blank Note Cards
8 pk with 8 envelopes
4 Designes
$12.50 plus S&H

 My Fall Fox Blank Note Cards
8pk with 8 envelopes
$12.50 plus S&H
In additon to Gallery Space for Exhibits and Shows. The Art Center in Orange also has two huge studio spaces for classes in everything from jewerly making to pottery, to painting and drawing. They also rent out studio space to artists. Other activities include lectures and an gallery openings. There is also a nice space for gifts and paintings. To read more about  The Art Center in Orange, Virginia  you can go to their website: 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mom's Birthday and the Green Valley Book Fair

     It seems like I was on the road for more hours than I was awake on Sunday October 10th. Yet it was such an amazing day. My mom's 80th birthday. She wanted to share it with her church friends in the morning and then my sisters and I, at the Green Valley Book Fair, just south of Harrisonburg, Va, in the afternoon.

My haul from the Green Valley Book Fair near Harrisonburg Va.
    I arrived at the church a little before 10am and had coffee while I waited for everyone to come down stairs from the second service. We had brunch and the huge chocolate cake my sisters had bought. Then after mom's second Sunday School Class ( where they sang happy birthday to her for the third time) We all met at the car and took off for our road trip.

     3 hours later we were down a long country road surrounded by cows and corn and in the middle of it was a huge ware house with over 500,000 brand new and some out of print discounted books. It was like a country festival. They had food vendors set up for the lunch crowd, hundreds of people in the middle of no where all looking at the books!

    Well I only got to the first floor. So, I actually only saw one book that had anything to do with horses or horse sports. It was a huge coffee table book by a woman who had compiled years of equine sports photography, a lot of it licensed images, and much of it in very poor resolution for the size of the book. They wanted $5 for it. I had to pass. I already had most of the images in other books I’ve collected over the years.

     Yet I was on a quest and never realized it. I began to notice piles of books under the tables and that is where I found the first book: Crafts and Craft Shows and How to make money. This book's second edition was published in 2007. I’m thinking well I don’t really do shows anymore but I sure could run my online things as shows. So for $5 I think I got a great deal. Later while waiting for the rest of the family I read the first chapter. The book already paid for its self. And I can’t wait to try out some of the things they suggest this week.

    The second book I found was also under the table. People from Art Show Judges to my DRS worker have been telling me for years that I should become an illustrator. Sooo in honor of them and to prove I am listening ( grin) I picked up a copy of the 21st edition of the Children's writer's and Illustrator’s Market. I haven’t looked at it yet. The paperback was $5.

     Then the last book I found was actually out in the open. Crisis Control in the new millennium by Larry Burkett. 20 years ago I used to listen to his radio show. He founded Christian Financial Concepts. He was one of the first people to warn of the economic crisis how to protect ourselves and how Americans could prosper and not be harmed from it. Every debt consultant out there now uses his basic principles for paying down debt.

Crisis Control in the new Millennium was priced at $2.99 . It was published in 1999

     It was a fun and exhausting day. Good time with my sisters and my mom. We were actually all were so tired at the end of the day that we crashed at about 8pm. I cant remember the last time I went to bed that early. LOL.

You can find out more about the book fair which runs through October 23rd and then the Christmas book fair from Nov 25 through December 17th  at

Thursday, September 30, 2010

First Friday Art Walk: Highlights for October 1 Everyone is invited.

Highlights  and Treasuries for First Friday Art Walk Team promotion for our great feature on  To find more just search ffaw Fine Art or firstfridayartwalk in Etsy's Handmade search.

Treasuries for First Friday art walk Oct 1, 2010

 Take a walk with me
Take a walk with me

By Aweteam member: Storybeader:
This is a wonderful collection that shows cases some of the most beautiful and eclectic abilities and creativity of our group of dedicated artisans.

Time for A pumpkin

Time for Pumpkin

by Art Walk Etsy Team member: mandalamagic1
I am no fan of orange but this is one of the best put together orange treasuries I’ve come across. Just lovely Mandalamagic! There is so much vivid color that just draws you right in.

Painting the Art Walk

Painting the Artwalk

By Art Walk Etsy Team member: pawpaintings

This is another amazing Art Walk Etsy Team collection that not only show cases the variation in styles but it shows the vast emotions our members portray through their respecitive media for very serious to fun and frilly.

The Colors of  Autumn
 The Colors of Autumn First Friday Art Walk

By Art Walk Etsy Team member: PaintingsOnPalmer
Butter scotch, pumpkin, purple, Red, sunflower yellows, this is a brilliant array of colors that bring warmth on a brisk autumn day. Just Beautiful!

Other Treasuries I'm in as well:

Pigs in Clover

Pigs in Clover ( aka Rabbits in Dandelions)

By dragonhouseofyuen

This has to be one of my all time favorite bunny collections. Based on color and where that bunny would be eating it’s a wonderful treasury! Dragonhouseopyuen is not a participant in FFAW Fine Art or Aweteam but she included my ffaw bunny in her collection and I just had to add this Scottish crafter to my list this weekend.

Horse Lovers are Stable People:

Horse Lovers are stable people
By Corkycrafts

This is a delightful collection of horse lover art, again showing the wide range of artisans on etsy and their wares. From art to prints to sculptures, to jewelry to vintage, even leatherwork.. the etsy Horse artists have it all!

A special Thanks to all the Treasury curators
 for including my work in your wonderful collections!!

Happy First Friday Art Walk of October to Everyone!!

Shirley's Books LLC : First Animation

Last night I began work on a  video advertising project for  a new online business.  Shirley's Books LLC just begain selling online on Amazon over the summer. They sell new, slightly used , very used and vintage books of every kind. As Shirley says: Books, Books, Books!The first thing I have to do for it before making the stills is to create several graphics that will give the video flavor and uniqueness as well as run through the entire video. The graphics will also be animated gifs that Shirley's Books LLC can use in their blog and website.

These first graphics are cartoons that had to be rendered from scratch by hand, scanned, colored through one of my programs then animated. Here is the first:
This process from start to finished stills and this sample gif took about 4 to 5 hours. I have to say while the process is a bit long with this type of animation, I get really excited to watch the results when its all put together. This is just another amazing part of the entire creative process I love.

If you would be interested in a simple 5 frame gif animation please contact me via etsy.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Product on Etsy.

Animation for busy etsy sellers:
Finally I've come up with a project that will help people with their marketing.   I am offering is a 12 second Animation GIF file featuring one of your products made from still slides using your photography and including one frame of text.

The largest width on this animatio is
150 Pixels

This offering includes three sizes of the same gif suitable for blogs and websites for $35.00
300px by 300px (not shown)
200px by 200px
150px by 150px (some fonts may not show up well in this size)

This product can be shipped free via email
or Shipped for $7.50 in the USA and Canada

The largest width on this animation is 200 Pixels

 Check out for this item is through My ETSY Store using paypal. Click here to Purchase: LindaLMartin Artist on Etsy
 You can email me directly or convo me through etsy.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Running Horse Gif

Ive been delayed in finishing my Design course, however I decided tonight, after working about 8 or 9 hours on the course today that I was going to have some fun. This little running horse gif is the result.Enjoy! =0))

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Flow Prints

Prints  $24.95
Click the image to see the details and purchase a print.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Remembering 9/11

In my lifetime there have been two most tragic events, in that one remembers exactly what they were doing and what was happening at the very moment. The first was when President Kennedy was shot. We thought we were invincible, we thought we were always safe we didn’t realize that it could happen here. The second was 9/11 when the twin towers fell. Again we thought we were invincible and we thought we were safe and protected from such things.

At first I wasn’t going to rise to the occasion. It felt strange, like some sort of sacrilege to write one more memorial song, one more memorial essay, to do one more memorial painting or one more memorial video. And then as I do when something affects me deeply I prayed about it. And God began to touch my heart and show me that we had lots of warnings for both events yet we didn’t believe there was a problem and those in leadership didn’t pay attention, they just kept appeasing us and telling us we didn’t have anything to worry about, that they were taking care of everything. We were na├»ve, but we aren’t anymore.

So in 2002 I wrote this poem: "Remembering 9/11
( Please click the Image  to see the poem clearly)

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Wild Horses in America : My thoughts

"Just because no one recognizes you, doesn’t mean you don’t exist."

I don’t understand sometimes, why there is always someone, some place, that wants to wreak things of historic significance and beauty just because they can. Destruction of this type, in my opinion, is nothing but Social Vandalism.

It doesn’t surprise me at all that the same people who want to erase our history want to do away with wild horses on public lands. I’m thinking back to the history I learned in school. About how years before any British, French or other Northern Europeans set foot on North American Soil, the Spanish came and with them brought horses. We are talking at least 100 years before the first boat loads landed in Massachusetts or Virginia. These were Spanish Barb horses with certain genetic markers that can still be traced. And guess what. These same markers can be found in the wild herds of Chincoteague called the Chincoteague Ponies and Nags Head NC, called Banker Ponies.

Most of the descendents of these wild horses were in North America running with herds of buffalo and being used by Native Americans long before any Europeans made a permanent settlement in North America. That means they were here first.

Ok now what are some really good reasons to keep these wild horses, besides the intrinsic value historically and culturally? Well there are some interesting habitat issues that are deliberately being over looked.

First: Horses have some very interesting biological behavior that actually is good for the environment. The first being soil renovation and replanting of seeds. In fact that is exactly what some South American countries are using horses for in their reforestation programs, to rebuild rain forests.

Second: Horses are a good “canary” as to whether there is enough forage and water in isolated areas. A healthy horse population generally means a healthy wildlife population. And a healthy wildlife population means everything is in balance. And since it is, that means the predators ( wolves, coyotes, and brown vultures,  mountain lions, and bears are staying in their range and not on people's farms eating their calves, sheep, and poodles.

Third: About the destruction of habitat. Horses in their natural habitat actually range anywhere from 50 to 100 miles when they aren’t impeded. Their impact on grasses, and water sources is negligible unless they are confined to extremely small areas. Horses in the wild do not over graze an area the way domestic cattle and sheep do. In fact, sheep and cattle tend to graze in one spot until everything eatible is gone, then they move on leaving nothing but weeds. Horses will graze for a day and move on (replanting grasses as they go). It’s a self preservation thing. Keep moving and stay ahead of the predators. Keep moving and stay healthy. A horse’s biology is made to take a bite and take a step.

So what’s the real deal here. If the wild horses are doing no harm why not let them stay where they are and thrive and feed the growing eco-photography tourist industry that leaves no damage to the land? Good question. I have a few theories, but no real concrete proof. Let’s just say that its not surprising that the agency that is targeting horses is also the same agency that caused the debacle with the reservation system. The reservation system after 100+ years is still, I might add, not fixed.

Kind of like the senator that told me a few years back. “I don’t think Indians actually live here anymore.”( about the tribes in Virginia seeking Federal recognition). And yet, I had just gotten off the phone with the chief of one of the tribes he said didn’t exist. That tribe has had a continuously recognized treaty that the Commonwealth of Virginia since the 1600s and could trace their ancestory, unbroken, to Pocohantas and Powhatan on both their mother and their father's sides of the family. Seriously thats about as Native as you can get and be not native. It sure does give one a reason to pause and rethink the legitimacy of all things publicly administered. These same people are now saying that they don’t think there is any such thing as a wild horse left on the range. I.E. If you say it doesn’t exist, it doesn’t exist.

The American and Spanish Mustangs are part of our history and our heritage. They need to be preserved on our National Lands, not exploited. There is an old saying, " You can tell how a man treats his family by the way he treats his animals" If this is how certain people in the government treat animals entrusted to their care, and have a history of treating people in their care the same way, I’m just wondering what they think of us.

You can read more about what is happening with the wild horses on Public Lands by going to:

Please respect all copyrights on this page.
Thanks to Pam Nicholes for the use of the Photo.
You can see more of her amazing work on facebook
Dont Forget to "Like" her Page =0)
Story: copyright©2010 LindaLMartin All North American, South American World and Electronic Rights Reserved.
Please email for permission before reprinting.
~ Thanks

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Calling Forth The Flood a Prophetic Painting by LindaLMartin (The full length Video)

Well tonight I spent the evening and part of the morning I see learning to edit videos on YouTube. And finally the result was three promotional videos of vaired lenght showing off the painting I finished this week Called: Calling Forth the Flood.

So now its listed on etsy all ready for that most fortunate of collectors to purchase and you can see a very awesome video in the mix. Please feel free to repost this video. You might want one of the shorter versions as the full lenght is 2:30 min. Anyway feed back as aways is appreciated.

Please keep in mind I seriously am just learning and I really dont have any equipment to do this ( I stacked a bunch of books infront of my computer screen and set the camera on the top then using the littlehand I moved the image all around while taping .. unconventional but better than shaky hands! =0o )

To see "Calling Forth the Flood" in my etsy store click this link:

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Dark Day's Painting.

Studio View: Trying to use the avaiable lighting to 
show off some of the purples and blues
We had a very overcast day today. And one not really suitable to work on the Teens Opposing Poverty Painting. However I did manage to work on the "Calling Forth The Flood" painting. This is the one I posted about last time. In the painting the more I painted the more horses I seemed to find. Well Even more so as I went back into the work and began highlights and details.

I am not quite sure that the painting is finished yet. But I will have to wait until a brighter day to photograph it so that all the colors have a chance to show through. However I did manage to photogaph it so you can see some of the horses.  And there are probably even more that I didnt embelish.

The first photo is of the two paintings side by side in an attempt to get those purples to show up. It didnt work. But you can see  The Teens Opposing Poverty Painting in the background. The darkness of the day really intenisfied the colors in that one too.

The second Photo is so you can see how the horses and the angels first started appearing.

"Calling Forth the Flood"
by Linda L Martin Artist
The last photo is a detail of the painting. You can see the horses running like water. The interesting thing was that at the top their mouths were closed but as they began to show nearer the bottom their mouths opened either in astonishment or agreesion, I cant be certain of either. There are angels in the top left corner blowing trumpets to call forth the flood. You can click on the photo to see the detail better.

The specs on "Calling Forth the Flood" painting are:
 16 by 20 inches
Acrylic on repurposed pre streatched canvas
The sides are painted and it comes unframed
This painting is signed by the artist and a (1) letter of authenticity is avaiable upon request at no extra charge.
The copyright is not sold with the painting.

This painting will be listed for sale on Etsy in my Wild Side Store. 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Expressionsim is always an adventure.

This is actually the first day all summer that I have been able to go outside and paint on my deck. Either the weather has been too hot, or its been too rainy or I’ve simply had too much school work. I still have several weeks to go in my graphic design class. Since I have lived here I usually paint outside where the light is awesome in the morning and evening.

So today when my appointments were finished, I gathered up everything and out to the deck I went. I am trying to increase my inventory for the Holiday Season, like most artists are right now. Our Selling season begins in earnest in the next 4 or 5 weeks. Commissions we get for the Christmas Season will carry most of us through until spring. Its an annual cycle for those of us who make and sell art

Today I was geared up for abstract expressionism. I’m painting on repurposed canvas. These canvases that I had painted on originally but I just didn’t like the way the paintings turned out so I gessoed over them. Both of these are 16 by 20 inches. It’s a refreshing size since I’ve been doing a lot of small format work for months.

Generally, when I paint like this, I simply choose a color scheme and mix the color on the canvas in a wild and free flowing way. I wasn’t really thinking about anything and everything. When I finished the first canvas and set it up to dry I suddenly noticed that there was already a horse or two making its self known. The result was many Impressions in the color.

When I started the second, I suddenly thought of Willem De Kooning’s work. I didn’t realize it but purple horses started appearing all over the palace on the canvas. Again I was mixing the color on the canvas and trying to make it as smooth as possible. When I realized they were already forming I simply began to stroke them in with deliberate moves of my brush.

I have been looking at a lot of horse rescue photography lately. Especially from those trying to preserve the wild horses. Subconsciously and emotionally I think its affecting my work. I can see it. Especially when I’m not controlling what I am doing and I have no plan to work from. Remember this is just the under painting not the finished work. The second horse painting is suppose to be predominantly violet. A color my printer loves to hate, as does my scanner ! Not only did horses show through but I happened to notice when I brought the painting inside that angels were blowing horns in the corner. Ok so now what.

When I started this adventure today, the clouds were to the west and south; generally not where we have storms. However when they come in from the north over the roof of my house I know its time to go in because a storm may be forthcoming.

The clouds were making their way toward me and I didn’t want to chance my work being ruined by the rain, so after 2 hours, a cup of coffee and a liverwurst sandwich, I brought it all inside.

As I write this I have decided to let the paintings determine what happens next. I will bog about that when they are finished.