Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Dark Day's Painting.

Studio View: Trying to use the avaiable lighting to 
show off some of the purples and blues
We had a very overcast day today. And one not really suitable to work on the Teens Opposing Poverty Painting. However I did manage to work on the "Calling Forth The Flood" painting. This is the one I posted about last time. In the painting the more I painted the more horses I seemed to find. Well Even more so as I went back into the work and began highlights and details.

I am not quite sure that the painting is finished yet. But I will have to wait until a brighter day to photograph it so that all the colors have a chance to show through. However I did manage to photogaph it so you can see some of the horses.  And there are probably even more that I didnt embelish.

The first photo is of the two paintings side by side in an attempt to get those purples to show up. It didnt work. But you can see  The Teens Opposing Poverty Painting in the background. The darkness of the day really intenisfied the colors in that one too.

The second Photo is so you can see how the horses and the angels first started appearing.

"Calling Forth the Flood"
by Linda L Martin Artist
The last photo is a detail of the painting. You can see the horses running like water. The interesting thing was that at the top their mouths were closed but as they began to show nearer the bottom their mouths opened either in astonishment or agreesion, I cant be certain of either. There are angels in the top left corner blowing trumpets to call forth the flood. You can click on the photo to see the detail better.

The specs on "Calling Forth the Flood" painting are:
 16 by 20 inches
Acrylic on repurposed pre streatched canvas
The sides are painted and it comes unframed
This painting is signed by the artist and a (1) letter of authenticity is avaiable upon request at no extra charge.
The copyright is not sold with the painting.

This painting will be listed for sale on Etsy in my Wild Side Store. 


MYSAVIOR said...

I was just talking to my daughter about your painting. I love how it evolved!


LLMartin said...

Sue!! I was just thinking about you. Ive been in and out of the studio all day. On the road to do some local marketing this morning. Everytime I though of you I said a little prayer. I hope things are well with you this evening. =0)

pfd said...

I love the depth of the colors. And the horses that emerged.

Anonymous said...

really truly would love to have a print of this if it is at all possible ........ pleeeeaaaasssssse