Thursday, August 26, 2010

Calling Forth The Flood a Prophetic Painting by LindaLMartin (The full length Video)

Well tonight I spent the evening and part of the morning I see learning to edit videos on YouTube. And finally the result was three promotional videos of vaired lenght showing off the painting I finished this week Called: Calling Forth the Flood.

So now its listed on etsy all ready for that most fortunate of collectors to purchase and you can see a very awesome video in the mix. Please feel free to repost this video. You might want one of the shorter versions as the full lenght is 2:30 min. Anyway feed back as aways is appreciated.

Please keep in mind I seriously am just learning and I really dont have any equipment to do this ( I stacked a bunch of books infront of my computer screen and set the camera on the top then using the littlehand I moved the image all around while taping .. unconventional but better than shaky hands! =0o )

To see "Calling Forth the Flood" in my etsy store click this link:

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