Thursday, August 26, 2010

Calling Forth The Flood a Prophetic Painting by LindaLMartin (The full length Video)

Well tonight I spent the evening and part of the morning I see learning to edit videos on YouTube. And finally the result was three promotional videos of vaired lenght showing off the painting I finished this week Called: Calling Forth the Flood.

So now its listed on etsy all ready for that most fortunate of collectors to purchase and you can see a very awesome video in the mix. Please feel free to repost this video. You might want one of the shorter versions as the full lenght is 2:30 min. Anyway feed back as aways is appreciated.

Please keep in mind I seriously am just learning and I really dont have any equipment to do this ( I stacked a bunch of books infront of my computer screen and set the camera on the top then using the littlehand I moved the image all around while taping .. unconventional but better than shaky hands! =0o )

To see "Calling Forth the Flood" in my etsy store click this link:

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Dark Day's Painting.

Studio View: Trying to use the avaiable lighting to 
show off some of the purples and blues
We had a very overcast day today. And one not really suitable to work on the Teens Opposing Poverty Painting. However I did manage to work on the "Calling Forth The Flood" painting. This is the one I posted about last time. In the painting the more I painted the more horses I seemed to find. Well Even more so as I went back into the work and began highlights and details.

I am not quite sure that the painting is finished yet. But I will have to wait until a brighter day to photograph it so that all the colors have a chance to show through. However I did manage to photogaph it so you can see some of the horses.  And there are probably even more that I didnt embelish.

The first photo is of the two paintings side by side in an attempt to get those purples to show up. It didnt work. But you can see  The Teens Opposing Poverty Painting in the background. The darkness of the day really intenisfied the colors in that one too.

The second Photo is so you can see how the horses and the angels first started appearing.

"Calling Forth the Flood"
by Linda L Martin Artist
The last photo is a detail of the painting. You can see the horses running like water. The interesting thing was that at the top their mouths were closed but as they began to show nearer the bottom their mouths opened either in astonishment or agreesion, I cant be certain of either. There are angels in the top left corner blowing trumpets to call forth the flood. You can click on the photo to see the detail better.

The specs on "Calling Forth the Flood" painting are:
 16 by 20 inches
Acrylic on repurposed pre streatched canvas
The sides are painted and it comes unframed
This painting is signed by the artist and a (1) letter of authenticity is avaiable upon request at no extra charge.
The copyright is not sold with the painting.

This painting will be listed for sale on Etsy in my Wild Side Store. 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Expressionsim is always an adventure.

This is actually the first day all summer that I have been able to go outside and paint on my deck. Either the weather has been too hot, or its been too rainy or I’ve simply had too much school work. I still have several weeks to go in my graphic design class. Since I have lived here I usually paint outside where the light is awesome in the morning and evening.

So today when my appointments were finished, I gathered up everything and out to the deck I went. I am trying to increase my inventory for the Holiday Season, like most artists are right now. Our Selling season begins in earnest in the next 4 or 5 weeks. Commissions we get for the Christmas Season will carry most of us through until spring. Its an annual cycle for those of us who make and sell art

Today I was geared up for abstract expressionism. I’m painting on repurposed canvas. These canvases that I had painted on originally but I just didn’t like the way the paintings turned out so I gessoed over them. Both of these are 16 by 20 inches. It’s a refreshing size since I’ve been doing a lot of small format work for months.

Generally, when I paint like this, I simply choose a color scheme and mix the color on the canvas in a wild and free flowing way. I wasn’t really thinking about anything and everything. When I finished the first canvas and set it up to dry I suddenly noticed that there was already a horse or two making its self known. The result was many Impressions in the color.

When I started the second, I suddenly thought of Willem De Kooning’s work. I didn’t realize it but purple horses started appearing all over the palace on the canvas. Again I was mixing the color on the canvas and trying to make it as smooth as possible. When I realized they were already forming I simply began to stroke them in with deliberate moves of my brush.

I have been looking at a lot of horse rescue photography lately. Especially from those trying to preserve the wild horses. Subconsciously and emotionally I think its affecting my work. I can see it. Especially when I’m not controlling what I am doing and I have no plan to work from. Remember this is just the under painting not the finished work. The second horse painting is suppose to be predominantly violet. A color my printer loves to hate, as does my scanner ! Not only did horses show through but I happened to notice when I brought the painting inside that angels were blowing horns in the corner. Ok so now what.

When I started this adventure today, the clouds were to the west and south; generally not where we have storms. However when they come in from the north over the roof of my house I know its time to go in because a storm may be forthcoming.

The clouds were making their way toward me and I didn’t want to chance my work being ruined by the rain, so after 2 hours, a cup of coffee and a liverwurst sandwich, I brought it all inside.

As I write this I have decided to let the paintings determine what happens next. I will bog about that when they are finished.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Alder Hill Farm Equine Rescue: My 2010 Fundraiser Project

Why I  Decided to choose Alder Hill Farm Equine Rescue for my 2010 Animal Chairity Fundraiser
When I first found Alder Hill Equine Rescue on FaceBook at the beginning of the summer I absolutely fell in love with the two miniature horses they rescued. I couldn’t believe it at first. These two adorable creatures that 10 years ago would have cost hundreds of dollars to purchase and keep as pets. These were abandoned neglected and left to die or left to a fate possibly worse: to be sold by the pound for slaughter.
I cannot judge too harshly the previous owners of these animals, because I don’t know what disaster might have befallen them in this economy. Perhaps they had lost everything and were barely able to survive. Except by the grace of God there go any of us. But rather than judge anyone during the evil of the day, I decided that I wanted to help. So I approached Leslie, who is an awesome photographer, in addition to being a horse lover extraordinaire, about using some of her photographs as reference shots for some art I wanted to do this fall.
She said yes and asked that I donate a print or two toward their fundraising efforts. You see she and her husband and a whole network of people raise money and go to stock sales, search want ads and buy up horses to keep them from going to slaughter.  They give them medical care and help them gain weight and condition. They provide those that need it training then they find forever homes for the rescued horses to be adopted into. The thing that makes Alder Hill Farm different is that a number of these horses are loved horses from people that have fallen on hard times. Many of them have never known neglect and hurt. Leslie told me last week that their motto is: “ Rescuing Equines of any color”.  Their facebook page shows  a rainbow of breeds and colors.
So I didn’t just donate a couple of prints. I have designated  50% of the proceeds of the first painting (or everything above the cost of production and sale) toward  Alder  Hill Farm for the next 2 years. This includes the painting and any prints of the painting. This painting is called: The Alder Hill Mini’s and is  a watercolor of Napoleon and Prince. In addition I have donated an oil painting that I will donate 50% of the proceeds too as well.
I hope you will help out with this effort and buy one of these adorable prints. If you would rather donate directly to Alder Hill Farm Equine Rescue you can contact them through their website:  If you don’t want to buy a print or donate they have a number of horses ready for adoption.
Buy here on :   Thank you so much for helping out!