Saturday, June 15, 2013

Timing is everything: Meeting some awesome people from

This morning I  met some women from  They told me  that June is "Prevent Elderly Abuse" month. I had no clue.. I think it must be one of the  best kept secrets out there.  Elderly abuse is a growing concern and it should be as  we are entering a  time when  over 1/3 of our population will be over 65.
We talked about how children who are abused are more than likely going to be the abusers of not only their own children, but also their adult elderly parents and even their animals. Braking the cycle doesn't only mean learning to stop the abuse and step in and prevent abusive situations, but it also means giving those who are trying to over come, the opportunity to be normal and have social interaction with people who don't enable the activities that lead to abuse.  A Safe Haven so to speak.

I hope to be writing more about this organization in the future. In the mean time Enjoy the potted plant they gave me.  Thanks Ladies I hope you raised a ton of money today and everyone who passed by learned more about what you do!