Monday, February 11, 2013

Helping Raise Money for the Wild Horse And Burro Assoication

This Week: I am offering 4 original paintings of South Steens Wild Horses in Oregon to raise money for the Wild Horse and Burro Association. Three of these magnificent horses passed away in 2012. Two very popular band stallions Golden Boy and Honor were humanely destroyed after fatal injuries due to fighting. The mare, Jingles, was believed to be around 30 years old and produced her last foal,  a beautiful chocolate silver stud colt in 2011. She managed to stay with the colt even through declining conditions until it was strong enough to survive alone in the band. These are memorials to these wonderful wild horses.

The Wild Horse and Burro Association offers a number of support opportunities for owners of adopted Wild Mustangs as well as a registration service to help keep track of the horses and potentially reward those in competitions to show chase these amazing animals. I support this fledgling organization because I believe that working together to protect those that have been adopted as well as those in the wild is the best way to preserve our living wild mustang horse heritage.

To bid ask to join the group via Facebook at this address.

Thank you for your support.