Thursday, May 29, 2014

Name Changes! On Ebay! New Art Cards too!

Well everyone has probably heard about the hacking of eBay (finally heard that is) and that we were all asked to change our pass words etc. Well, I decided after 12 years of eBay I would change everything and update it. My new seller name is "llmartinartist"  you can also search llmartin or LLMartin in the general search and my newest art will appear. You can also directly click this link: Linda Martin on Ebay

Have I lost confidence in eBay. Naww. Its the same old same old. This is the Internet and every time a technological advance happens some one is challenged to try to circumvent it. If you are going to be on the net you should make an effort to protect your self  such as changing your passwords etc every once in a while. Its just a part of Internet life.

Having said that now for more serious business:  I just have to share my two newest Heck Horse Collector card sized miniature watercolors. I went out to visit the Hecks last Friday and saw three of the Senior stallions as well as all the foals and mares. More paintings to come of course. Here are two for you to day. And Please check out all of my wild horses on eBay!
Heck Stallions on Ebay
Heck Foal on Ebay

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Some of my Wild Horses now listed on Ebay !

Win the Auction and possibly get an awesome deal on some of my wild horse art; all the while supporting the successful adoption of Wild Horses.

"Friends"5 by 7 inches Watercolor
Available on Ebay
LLMartin Wild Horses
Adopting wild horses is part of the solution.
 ~Linda Martin
Mid-Atlantic Wild Horse Project.

Where the money goes?  To help offset the costs of getting the word out about wild horses offered for adoption in the Mid Atlantic Region and thus keeping more of them out of  Long Term Holding.  Maintaining and Keeping updated the support resources available to adopters in the Mid-Atlantic. And to help us put together a Wild Horse Curriculum to educate about wild horse behavior, range issues and management, and safe and natural training methods appropriate for a wild horse and successful adoptions.

What the Mid-Atlantic Wild Horse project is not
We are not an adoption agency for wild horses
We are not a home for abused or neglected horses
What the Mid-Atlantic Wild Horse Project is : We are part of the Adult Education Initiative for  the New World Puppets Inc, a 501c3 non-profit Arts and Humanities School, under their the Endeavor Institute of Virgina.

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Just Listed on Ebay!! Two new miniature barns and Playing Tarpan Stallions

Newly listed Art Card Miniature paintings available from Linda L Martin on Ebay!! These are brand new paintings never offered before. Sized 2.5 by 3.5 inches Watercolors.
See what is available Here:  or search LLMartin or Cherharte on Ebay!!

Saturday, May 03, 2014

New Camera and Some Sweet Decor Prints on Fine Art America

Linda L Martin's  Newest Prints are Just Right for Artistic Groupings for your updated Decor

Flowering Shrubs with Color Pallet and
display suggestion
I finally bought my new digital camera in March. It is actually a smaller version than my SLR Rebel but it is indeed a Canon. I have been photographing for a number of years. I started out as a horse-sport photographer and was published numerous times. Today I live a less exciting life. And now I have both prints of my paintings for sale as well as prints of my most recent digital photography for sale.

One aspect of these images is that I have been doing them in subject groups and choosing the best 4 so they might be displayed as a grouping on the wall. I actually have a grouping of watercolors on my wall in my kitchen that way.

It really is a wonderful way for me to be creative and having instant gratification of the artistic outlet.
You can see more of my work as well as these samples on my Fine Art America Pages: