Thursday, May 29, 2014

Name Changes! On Ebay! New Art Cards too!

Well everyone has probably heard about the hacking of eBay (finally heard that is) and that we were all asked to change our pass words etc. Well, I decided after 12 years of eBay I would change everything and update it. My new seller name is "llmartinartist"  you can also search llmartin or LLMartin in the general search and my newest art will appear. You can also directly click this link: Linda Martin on Ebay

Have I lost confidence in eBay. Naww. Its the same old same old. This is the Internet and every time a technological advance happens some one is challenged to try to circumvent it. If you are going to be on the net you should make an effort to protect your self  such as changing your passwords etc every once in a while. Its just a part of Internet life.

Having said that now for more serious business:  I just have to share my two newest Heck Horse Collector card sized miniature watercolors. I went out to visit the Hecks last Friday and saw three of the Senior stallions as well as all the foals and mares. More paintings to come of course. Here are two for you to day. And Please check out all of my wild horses on eBay!
Heck Stallions on Ebay
Heck Foal on Ebay

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