Saturday, May 03, 2014

New Camera and Some Sweet Decor Prints on Fine Art America

Linda L Martin's  Newest Prints are Just Right for Artistic Groupings for your updated Decor

Flowering Shrubs with Color Pallet and
display suggestion
I finally bought my new digital camera in March. It is actually a smaller version than my SLR Rebel but it is indeed a Canon. I have been photographing for a number of years. I started out as a horse-sport photographer and was published numerous times. Today I live a less exciting life. And now I have both prints of my paintings for sale as well as prints of my most recent digital photography for sale.

One aspect of these images is that I have been doing them in subject groups and choosing the best 4 so they might be displayed as a grouping on the wall. I actually have a grouping of watercolors on my wall in my kitchen that way.

It really is a wonderful way for me to be creative and having instant gratification of the artistic outlet.
You can see more of my work as well as these samples on my Fine Art America Pages:

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