Thursday, June 19, 2008

Where Have I been?

Well Well how time does fly. Ive been painting. Ive been negotiating. Ive been printing stuff.. and Ive been printing stuff... did I mention Ive been printing stuff? and yes Ive been working on finishing the up grading of the website..which I was suppose to have finished Back in February. Now its important that I finish the Upgrade before July 1, because all sorts of changes are about to happen.
I hired a wonderful assistant 6 weeks ago. She is amazing. she knows all sorts of stuff and is game for nearly anything with in reason. Its really motavational to work with some one that driven and creative. She is also about as nuts as I am, in a good way of course. I wont go into details but I will say to her credit she has an excellent sense of adventure when problem solving a delemmia. Its a very good trait! She is an absolute treasure and I am very lucky to have her.

Having said that She and I are rushing to get the new space ready before July 1. I will be opening my new dealer venue at The Country Shoppes at Culpeper as soon as we can get the instilation infrastructure in place and move the Art work in. Ive got about 3000 paintings in several locationsin storage, now I gotta sell them. My assistant is just as motivated as I am about getting the work out where it can be seen.

Our first Publicised event will be July 19th in Culpeper. She and I are looking into at least one event a month from September until Christmas. In additon to Original Art we will also be offering for sale Greeting Card Gift sets and Open Edition Fine Art Reproductions from Original Paintings . You will be able to see both in the WWW.LLMartin.COM web site Gift Shop in a few days. Watch this space to see when the updating is complete.

In addtion to all this work I am also still painting a couple of nights a week during the Lakeland Outpouring. Im very busy right now so I havent had time to list the new paintings. But one painting I made into an ACEO/ ARt Trading Card and offered it on Ebay this past week. It didnt sell but I got 78 hits. I put a breif history of the Outpouring and the meaning of the symbolism on the card. Interesting that no one emailed me. Too busy I suppse. Stil....

I also have some digital images from my studio. It will be a (pardon the pun) work in progress for quite a while. Especially since I am activly creating art while trying to organize it. To look at my desk you might think that organization is the least of my priorities. I will put up some of those pictures too ... and very soon.

well until next time... (waves) God give you more of Himself In Blessings, Knowledge, And Peace.