Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree: Interesting things I find and Memories.

 Tonight I was searching for gazebos to inspire me for a sketch I need for a commission. And wonder of wonders this amazing cake did appear in my google search. It sure did bring back memories.

Close up of Cake Central
Gazebo Tree.

When I was a little girl my mother had time to decorate cakes. This was before Sister #3 was born. She had this one cake she made one Christmas that was  very simple snow icing and a beautiful decorated Christmas tree made of icing and sprinkles and nonpareils. I don't remember what flavor the cake was or even eating it but I remember being there and watching her make it.

She daubed each little drop of green on the round cone that made the tree while the cake cooled. Then she layered and iced the cake. Mom made the icing using vegetable Crisco, pure vanilla and powdered sugar. And a tiny drop or two of water. 

Gazebo Christmas Tree I found on
Cake Central. It takes moms little
Christmas Tree to the next level.
You can see it here:

The final touch was to add the decorated icing Christmas tree and then to put a nice green icing boarder around the  top and bottom edge of the cake.  This is one of my many favorite memories of Christmas. It wasn't the lights, the music, the gifts, the pageants at church, although all of that was important. It was the fact my mom and dad always did Christmas with us. It was a family thing. We learned, shared, experienced everything with love sprinkled on top. May be that is the reason I love Christmas. It about giving love. 

We Celebrate the ultimate gift of love  at Christmas time; that of Christ coming to bring that love, that reconciliation, unconditional, unbounded, forgiven before we were even born Love that is the total reconnection to God. My greatest joy at Christmas is spending time with  my family and giving to them.  God's Greatest joy is spending time with us and giving us his Son. Pretty awesome I think.

So call me a pagan heretic if  you want but that Christmas tree in my past and in my life now is the past, present, and future promise of what love has done in my life. Christmas trees always point to heaven and that's how it should be. =0)
"For if I am silent, even the rocks and trees, all of nature, will cry out that Jesus Christ is Lord"
Merry Christmas!

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