Sunday, December 19, 2010

Latest Commission: December Birthday painting..

Georgie and Mom
8 by 10
by Linda L Martin

I have never done a lot of art with humans as the subject.Mainly because animals have been my passion. I have done a total of two people portraits not including the required self portraits when in art school  a good 30 years ago. It requires a good photo image, a keen eye and a skilled hand to have a painting that is anywhere near the likenss of the person. And in my case it  also requires the grace of God that the person for whom the portrait is pleased with the work.

Each time I paint a painting with a living breathing person it is the same for me. I muster every bit of courage in the midst of trepidation and press into the frey of creativity to complete what I hope will be a kindly rendering of the person and  that doesnt offend anyone, especially the subject in question.

Close up of Georgie

So last eveing, with a good deal of fan fare and excitment, I  delivered the proof to the  new ower of "Georgie and Mom", wishing that I could see her face and her reaction. Seperated by the miles the delight at the painting electrified the phone lines with joy as I listened to her open the email and exclaim in ooohs and ahs how wonderful it is and how cute. This trepid path I wandered of human rendering turned into delight and joy, an opportunity to bless. It humbles me each time such a challenge presents its self and no one is disappointed.

I hope the remainder of my commissions for this Holiday Season meet with the same response. They will have to wait to be viewed until after Christmas, as they are surprizes and some of those receiving them are on FaceBook and the net. However, here I can share with you  " Georgie and Mom".

If you would be interested in a Watercolor pet portrait plase contact me at put "commission" in the subject line.

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It's a rainy afternoon and I'm browsing my favorite blogs. Wonderful post and work.