Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spirit: The Mustang Art by LindaLMartin, Artist

Abstract Expressionsist Originial
by Linda L Martin
Acrylic on Canvas
5" by 7"
$265.00 on Etsy
 My new painting is called “ Spirit”

I had never seen the Nature programs about the wild mustang Cloud. Yesterday, I found them on the Nature website and watched all three of them in reverse order. It was both inspiring and validating.

There is this posturing that goes on when stallions meet. Or when a stallion wants to court a mare. My painting depicts this in an expressionist style. Meaning, I don’t copy a photo or use a reference I paint from my feelings right on the canvas. This painting is executed in earth tones and white. A limited pallet of raw umber, raw sienna, burnt umber and white. I used a tiny bit of burnt sienna to accent the areas that needed red. This painting is now available for sale in my Etsy Wild Side Store.

It is a 5” by 7” acrylic on canvas and is signed in pencil on the back with a signature in paint on the front.

It sells for $265.00



MYSAVIOR said...

It is a wonderful painting, Linda!


Purple Pony Art said...

I love it Linda, and I'm glad you chose Cloud. I have only seen the first documentary about Cloud - it was so beautiful. I even have the Breyer model of him!

watercolors said...

Linda beautiful painting. Love your title.
You can see you love of horses.

VEry talented,

LLMartin said...

Thank you Sue and Roxanne. Im so glad you are enjoying my newest painting. PurplePony, Thanks. I had no idea that Breyer had done a modle of him. Of course I havent collected breyer horses since the 1960s lol. Tells you how old some of my collection is. I saved them so I could use them to teach drawing.

If you would like to see the rest of the Cloud series you can find it on the Nature website:

You can watch it right on the web. =0)