Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nika and Me in the Studio

She is a sweetie but hates the flash
  Nika, as you know is my rescue cat. She turned 6 in may. Hard to believe its been that long. Nika has her own line of note cards and prints on etsy. Everything I sell goes directly to her and my other companinon animal's up keep. She is my rescue baby. I havent taken any photo's of Nika for a while and my friend Charlotte gave me a wonderful plum sweat shirt when I was visiting mom last time so I thought why not. Nika and Me in the studio in my plum sweat shirt. (not only is that shirt very warm but its the same color as my car LOL)

Just a cuddle

 My Studio is about  16 by 12 feet not a bad size. On Saturdays I clean it up and we hold house churh here. The studio allows for 4 total and the cats usually attend.  It also gives me a good reason to clean up every week.

Just one note about Nika. I dont think anyone in my family but my mom has seen her in over 3 years because she is so shy. So here is proof sisters  and niece that she really does exist. =0)) 

You will notice my antique
Western Saddle in the background.
I havent ridden for 20 years
but the saddle gives me hope
 that one day again I will.

"Photo shoot over mom.
I need to get back to my sleeping."

You can see some of Nika's line of art on Etsy in My LindaLMartin Artist shop at this link:

To see all my items from both of my stores search LLMartin in  under Handmade search


Sue Runyon said...

Nika is beautiful and so are you!

Julie Riisnaes said...

Nice to see pics of you and your kitty!

MYSAVIOR said...

She is so sweet! I love the color of your sweatshirt.

I love your smile, Linda!


LLMartin said...

Thank you Sue R and Julie. Thank you Sue She is such a blessing. Thank you for mentioning the shirt my friend will be pleased. And my smile well that comes from Jesus =0)

jcsvisuals said...

Love the photos and I had a rescue Sandy cat for 18 years...

one heart said...

Love your rescue kitty, Linda! I lost my rescue kitty to heart failure after 15 wonderful years. I miss him so much.

LLMartin said...

JCV and One Heart, I am so glad you are enjoying my little Nika. She is a different story than most rescues. Some of the story is very sad but also one of resilance. One day I will post the whole story. Its quite an adventure that litterally lasted through 4 decades.