Thursday, September 30, 2010

First Friday Art Walk: Highlights for October 1 Everyone is invited.

Highlights  and Treasuries for First Friday Art Walk Team promotion for our great feature on  To find more just search ffaw Fine Art or firstfridayartwalk in Etsy's Handmade search.

Treasuries for First Friday art walk Oct 1, 2010

 Take a walk with me
Take a walk with me

By Aweteam member: Storybeader:
This is a wonderful collection that shows cases some of the most beautiful and eclectic abilities and creativity of our group of dedicated artisans.

Time for A pumpkin

Time for Pumpkin

by Art Walk Etsy Team member: mandalamagic1
I am no fan of orange but this is one of the best put together orange treasuries I’ve come across. Just lovely Mandalamagic! There is so much vivid color that just draws you right in.

Painting the Art Walk

Painting the Artwalk

By Art Walk Etsy Team member: pawpaintings

This is another amazing Art Walk Etsy Team collection that not only show cases the variation in styles but it shows the vast emotions our members portray through their respecitive media for very serious to fun and frilly.

The Colors of  Autumn
 The Colors of Autumn First Friday Art Walk

By Art Walk Etsy Team member: PaintingsOnPalmer
Butter scotch, pumpkin, purple, Red, sunflower yellows, this is a brilliant array of colors that bring warmth on a brisk autumn day. Just Beautiful!

Other Treasuries I'm in as well:

Pigs in Clover

Pigs in Clover ( aka Rabbits in Dandelions)

By dragonhouseofyuen

This has to be one of my all time favorite bunny collections. Based on color and where that bunny would be eating it’s a wonderful treasury! Dragonhouseopyuen is not a participant in FFAW Fine Art or Aweteam but she included my ffaw bunny in her collection and I just had to add this Scottish crafter to my list this weekend.

Horse Lovers are Stable People:

Horse Lovers are stable people
By Corkycrafts

This is a delightful collection of horse lover art, again showing the wide range of artisans on etsy and their wares. From art to prints to sculptures, to jewelry to vintage, even leatherwork.. the etsy Horse artists have it all!

A special Thanks to all the Treasury curators
 for including my work in your wonderful collections!!

Happy First Friday Art Walk of October to Everyone!!


Sarah said...

Great treasuries, Linda!

I don't think I've ever fed a hamster before so I may have given the hamster too much at was so much fun giving him (or her, as the case may be) pellets!

bjtanner said...

Linda, beautiful, just beautiful, I think that all the treasuries are remarkable. So much talent!

Don't worry about the hampster. It looks like they eat alot but really they just stash it away somewhere

LLMartin said...

Sarah, the good thing is they only let you feed 10 pellets at a time. LOL it is fun. Sometimes he drinks, falls alseep because I take so long working and runs on his little tread mill.

Thanks for posting. and for feeding the little guy. =0)

LLMartin said...

They were were good treasuries. People are getting really good at it. One of these days the aweteam is going to hit the front page. And what a day that will be =0)

I had a hampster im my studio when I was an art student in Florida many many many many years ago. He did indeed hide a lot of food away. His name was Renior. He was very naughty and had little mice that were friends and left their little foot prints all over the place we stacked the pottery to dry.
Needless to say the head of the art department banned him immidiately when he found out. LOL.. what a dear little friend.

jcsvisuals said...

Thanks so much for posting the treasurys. They are a rich collection of beautiful work.

AWE Team and the firstfridayartwalk has very creative members...

LLMartin said...

Hi Jc Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Your treasury is beautiful. Thanks so much for including my work. =0)

LLMartin said...

bj I totally for got to mention your handle when I posted to you. Sorry. You are much appreciated and welcome to respond any time. Thanks for stopping by. =0)