Tuesday, July 13, 2004

People with no asthetic depth will look at this painting and see nothing of its importance. But the more I look at its parts the more I see what I was saying and doing subconciously. i dont think this is finished yet but i probably wont work on it anymore today. Do you see the difference between the shaded side of the body and the part that is in the light... gosh look at this sweet gentle beauty of a face in the light.. she is seeming at peace.. this sweet repose.. but in the shade she has cried tears, has bitten her lip until it is brused. her arm is strong and ready to fight, her hair falls across her back is some great spun spiritual shield so none can attack her from out of the darkness... she is alluring and sensual in the light.. but that is a mistake of the eye and lustful heart.. for if you look at her shaded hand it holds gently, it comforts and steadies. the most stlized part of her skirt covers her womb a place of birth rebirth and great comfort. This great exercise in futility becomes not a stylized mismash of mediocre art, but a statement of womenhood: powerful, emotional, embracing, sexual, comforting, protecting and controlled. my selfesteem took a heavy blow this past week in the midst of all the turmiol. I was told that I was not a very good artist and that it was futile that I keep painting...a friend who turned enemy.. who thinks that the work of robert kinkade is equal to the mastery of andrew weythe (rolls eyes).. it only hurt because im always afraid down deep inside that im not good enough at what i do.. so i drive myself harder and harder... there is more to this painting.. but i wont even discuss it here. The eye .. the quick eye will see it..hahaha. oh e-mail me when you think u understand. i dont think anyone will get it. well maybe one person.(wink) Posted by Hello

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