Friday, July 16, 2004

Perfect on July 4th: Still Life

I've started the complex frustration and prolonged agony of painting still-lives. Its a hard exercise and I balk at the thought..yet, know that it is necessiary if I am to improve and keep my landscapes and my women fresh.
Perfect is my sister's little black cat. She is infamous this little "Perfect" Cat. So tiny and fradgile at barely 4 lbs. She among all the mountain ferals was aloud to venture in and stay. She is infamous for eating every potted plant anyone has tried to bring into the house and for waiting for the "perfect" time to hide under my mothers bed and wait until her rebellious parakeet escaped while the family was out one day.  Alas poor "chirp" we knew him well.  I fully expected banishment.. for Perfect. Mom taught that bird a bunch of stuff besides how to escape his cage when no one was home. The sweet little bird is only a memory now and the occaional little yellow or green feather that pops up when the bed is made.
The vase was my grandma's. The flowers I picked on July 4th from along the drive way.. they are red clover, white queen anne' s lace and blue wild bachelor's buttons, some also call chickory. Its a tradtion I started about 18 years ago.. picking red white and blue flowers for the table on the 4th. Sometimes it was for my grandma's reddest roses to be included. This year they were so unhealthy that my sister cut them back completely. Maybe by Fall we will have them again. Posted by Hello
Believe me is not a dead domain link or dead site.. no matter what the danged browers say. I work on it a couple of times a week. hahaha. so check out more of Linda L. Martin's fine Oil paintings at  !!!! Yes the site is really there.

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