Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Just a little side bar on Kinkade

I happened across the transcript of the 60 mins interview with Thomas Kinkade last evening. In additon to all his other marketing skills he is trying to pass off retouched glacee' prints on canvas as original art work. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesnt original mean the frist .. from which all copies were made????

See now this is the thing that makes me mad.. and makes it hard for me to sell my work. Because people(buyers) get confused by this streatching of the truth and dont realize that they are actually buying a copy that has been painted over, not  by kinkade but by possibly and army of assistants especially trained in Kinkade's techniques. Factory painting.. combined with print making.. and each piced a unique and different piece.. though from all the same mold. This makes kinkade not an artist so much as the designer of a reproduced commoidity.

Im telling you folks.. artists better be doing what they are doing because they have something to say.. and because they just love doing it.. because the middle class art consumer is being decieved and they are just plain ignorant about what art is.. and what a print is. Who suffers for that..??? Those who think they are investing in fine art.. but are really investing in a very collectiabe copy.. and those who are making real art who cant get their price... because people dont think ther work is as good as Kinkades.

The essey stands... with the above addendum. *long sigh*

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