Saturday, June 26, 2004

LAS LONELY GIRLS "called by anyother name is just as sweet.."(poor Shakespear alas .....)

I have after careful thought, and after standing in the middle of my kitchen, where I paint, and staring at all the paintings I have, in all the different series and progressions of women, decided that when a painting is what I consider “museum quality”, I am going to add it to the collection I have decide to call "Las Lonely Girls".

OhhhhKayyyyyyyyyyyyeeee. I am totally enthralled with two bands these days. The first is GidgetsGaGa. My friend Mickey Flores is the” force” behind its driving pop tunes. He reaches to the heart of his surroundings and every song he writes is from what he observes in a colorful obsession of commentary through the eyes of an Artist who uses his guitars as his brushes and paints, and popular watering holes of Midwestern cities as his canvas. Instead of having his works burned into your eyes like some Caravaggio of painting, his work burns into your very soul through your ears. If faith comes by hearing.. Hey, baby, Im a believer!!!!! (GidgetsGaGa’s new CD is coming out soon and I cant wait to hear it!!)

The second band is Los Lonely Boys. Three Latino country singers from “Texaz”, take Nashville by storm, but have to find another town to break into the big time. I’m like a sucker for a pop guitarist who plays with Apache tendencies and has… long hair! But I didn’t know what these guys looked like or where they were from when I heard “Heaven” for the first time…. I think I was painting and had it on in the background. Then I saw the video.. Ayeeeeeeeee! It’s a work of Art! “Heaven” is a work of art!

So with Mickey Flores’ Belmont and Lullaby going through my head, and Los Lonely Boys’ Heaven close on their heals.. Its amazing I can write my own music. Although I did manage this past week. So with great flourish.. and an imaginary drum roll…tadatadatadatada…etc etc In honor of two break out bands that impress me… I here by dub my “fat ladies collection”: “LAS LONELY GIRLS”

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