Friday, June 18, 2004

Nude Debate Part 3:“The Artistic Process.”

Artists must work at what they do. They must learn the technical aspects and must go back and practice those things like a figure skater learning their figures and devoting time to and then they will have the freedom that comes from mastering the technical aspects of their work Every great master had to master figures, that included nudes. Once they were mastered then the creativity could begin to flow. Yes, as a Believer I have a responsibility not to lead those who are younger and weaker in faith into sin. Choosing how I represent myself and what work I expose to the general public is what must past the test.

I have heard this often among my Christian Sisters and even my own family: “Why do you need to do nudes??”

My Answer:Because an artist needs to know how the bones connect to the muscles, how the muscle connects to the skin, how the muscles contract and extend and the differences in the way they look when they do. An artist needs to know the difference between fatigue and well rested and how it makes the skin tone look and the muscles appear under the skin. An artist needs to know the difference between the way old skin, middle aged skin and young skin acts and how it plays off the muscles and in different types of light. An artist needs to know how the joints come together and meet, how the muscles and skin react with the join. And all this in how they react or appear to react under different types of cloth or leather. And I could go on and on. But an artist needs to know more than all of that. An artist needs to know how to represent it and what colors work for the desired representation.

An artist cannot begin to represent a human in his or her art unless the technical aspect of doing the sketches and studies has been accomplished. An artist must know his subject. Even the impressionists and cubists studied basic artistic skills before they ventured out into their own experiments with paint light and form. Picasso one of the greatest Artists of the 21st century, a living legend for most of my younger years.. went through the process of doing his figures. He understood the importance of the foundation.. once you have the foundation.. then go for the freedom of creativity and make your statement to the world.

To Be Continued

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