Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Progression Six:Red Shirt Painting 4

Progression Six : Red Shirt Painting 4

In the natural progression of the Artistic process we find the last of the 4 Red Shirt paintings series.

This painting is more impressionistic and less stylized. At first view the subject seems to be questioning, perhaps even accusing the viewer. But upon closer look at the detail the eyes are almost "Stepford Wives" like, surreal, but pleading for some unknown, yet desired mercy from the viewer? from Providence?
This painting very simplistically depicts the eternal inner struggle of carnal beings. The person is struggling with inner demons or outer temptations. The weight of the struggle has the subject writhing on the ground. In the stark reality of the struggle there is outter darkness as all the things of the earth are blotted out in a self imposed emotional prison. (*teasing look* Hows that for phsyco babble?? hahaha) The simplicity of the painting allows the viewer to answer these questions for themselves. This is one step closer to the realism and the impressionistic qualities that I am trying to achieve as an artist.
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