Monday, October 18, 2004

The Buck. Last of the series offered for sale.

The Buck Posted by Hello
The Buck is one of the last of the deer and horse series. It was completed in 1994 and framed in a simple maple frame with a deep red/brown cherry stain. The painting was painted on Wild Cat Mountian near Front Royal Virginia and was one of the pod bucks that lived on the property of the artist's parents. At that time the artist was reusing, muslin some of which was printed on in fabric ink. This is the case of this canvas which was gessoed over by the artist then the Buck painting applied in polymer which wont chemically react to any fabric ink that might leeche through the gesso. The Canvas is 24 inches by 24 inches and is ready to hang. It is offered for sale for $800 firm plus any shipping and handling that might be incurred. If the painting must be shipped insurance is required and will also be added to the price. Contact the artist via e-mail or if you have her business card phone her.

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