Thursday, September 16, 2004

NewPainting! Fire Tree Ponies by L.L.Martin

I've spent a month reorganizing after taking my little siter to college. I really miss her but call her twice a week.
I'm trying to adjust to not having a tv so i started going to the library and checking out videos. There are still two tapes from the last series of "All creatures Great and Small" I havent seen. Bad timing on my part hehe.
Then someone suggested that I buy rabbit ears. Well there are only a couple of channels that I really miss since I lost my cable. PBS is one and now I get the brit coms on Saturday night and all is right with the world. (wish they would bring back "To The Manor Born"*little sigh*).. and I checked out the book: Andrew Wythe's Helga Series. I poored over it.. studied it.. did 4 watercolor paintings..not yet as good as his..and started this oil of ponies.

I cant belive I finished it in three sittings. But then horses to me are like writing my name sometimes. I dont think I got the colors right when i resized it .. but at least you all can see it. Posted by Hello This painting is probably going to be a fundraiser donation. But there are more to come in the series of ponies and trees. If you want to see it bigger just double click the picture.

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