Monday, November 01, 2004

FOX DEN ANTIQUES: Arts and crafts day (#1)

When the sun finally came out I had art work spilling out of the back of my car. Posted by Hello

Its 5am Saturday October 30, 2004. I've already had my shower. I'm listening to the radio. It's a Foggy dark Saturday morning. The fog is heavy and WTOP radio is telling those of us who are reluctantly awake that when the fog burns off it will be 80 degrees and their will be intermittent showers. It's a crummy day to have paintings outside.

I'm a trouper I've done this hundreds of times over the years. I know the drill. You go, you drink coffee, you look hopefully at the sky and when there is a break, you pull out three or 4 pieces that can be easily snatched up if it rains, then you do your best to make a sale.

I pulled my car into my vendor spot, #25, right in front of the building. And very close to the front door incase I needed to go inside. It was kind of Lori, the event organizer, to allow me that. My options were to leave, to stay and set up or to wait it out until the weather cleared.

By 8:30 I noticed the misting drizzle was nearly gone although the fog was still thick but clearing. I pulled out the new Fine art reproductions that were framed and the one framed painting on canvas. I had two goals.. to prove that my work was good enough to be hung inside and to test market the fine art reproductions. I made my only sale of the day by 8:45. And discovered that if I had more of those two prints framed and out where people could see them I would have sold more.

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