Monday, November 01, 2004

FOX DEN ANTIQUES: Arts and Crafts Day (#2)

I got my vitimine D for the entire year and a sunburned nose.. More importantly a lot of people who haddn't seen my art had the opportunity today! Posted by Hello

By noon the sun began to burn off the fog and facing me was the sun.. something at my age I try to avoid if at all possible. I did get a fine sun burn on my nose and I'm sure my annual shot of Vitimine D that afternoon. I had Art work flowing out of the trunk of my car.

Today I was good will hunting… meaning giving out as many cards as possible and talking to people about art or what ever they had on their minds. Several friends I hadn't seen in years wandered by and talked to me about things that varied from art to the housing boom to polotics. One lady, whose visit I enjoyed immensely even had a light hearted discussion with me about what idioms a real southern lady would use or not use that would be perfectly acceptable today.

By 1 pm there was the first vestiges of the change of the day. There is a tattoo parlor on the next street over. And they were having a live rock band and motor cyclists and road racers started arriving with loud showy roars. For a fleeting second one wondered what one might be in the middle of..

I mentioned to one worried vendor that if any of the motorcycle people had their Ladies with them we would soon have a new wave of customers. It wasn't long until several couples did in fact show up. I thought it interesting that the guys with long hair tucked it up so they looked more main stream.
After a while some lady walked by my spot and asked what was going on with the music( like I know every thing hahaha) I said, " Why didn't you know? Its Ozz Fest!" (yes a few people actually smiled at that hahaha!)

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