Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Is there a song about working elves?? Hmmmm

I wonder if my family gets tired of getting a painting from me each year. Gosh some of them must have quite a collection by now. Well one year I wrote a short story and sent it to all of them hahaha.It wasnt a very good story but at least it was something. Since then both my writing and my painting have really improved. Thank you God for that! Posted by Hello

These are 4 of the ten or so paintings I am working on for family members. Blues and greens is the theme this year. The paintings are between 6" by 8" and 5" by 7" depending on what I cut them from. I hate to waste paper but they should be able to frame them at 5" by 7" and it wont cost too much. I dont usually do oil paintings this size. No one will buy them for what I would have to charge to sell them. hahaha. I guess that makes them worth even more right? *hopeful look*

Dont forget to check out my website at : If you look in the gift shop section you can see the Christmas Fox. There is still time before Christmas to order it. Its a reprint of one of my most popular paintings. I used it as a Christmas card in 1995

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