Monday, May 31, 2004

Day One

I am a product of pop culture. A Culture uniquely Of The USA. A culture that is continually evolving, and by its own nature completely out of our control; although sometimes manipulated in one direction or the other. We are bigger than the sum of our parts, but also through our common experience influential enough as individuals to not only change the course of our own personal history but to change the course of the nation and world.

We aren't as dumb as politicians think we are, and we often aren't as smart as our mother's bragged we were. What we have is resilience and adaptability and the innate desire to survive and over come anything that is put in our way. We seem to the rest of the world arrogant and lazy like spoiled children that never had to work a day in their lives. What they don't realize is that we in the USA have never lost sight of one thing: everything we have we earned as a nation, we paid the price in loss of loved ones, loss of property, loss of comfort, loss of dignity, to keep our freedom.

We don't tolerate whiners. We esteem and honor those who act on their prinicpals and make a sacrifice for the common good, then go back to their private heaven or hell, and live out their lives, unless called upon to sacrifice again.

I watched a program the other day called Colonial House. The committee who selected the participants, I think, got it right. The spirit of survival, of facing what ever is put in front of you, and finding a way to make it work in spite of the desperate odds and the great hindrances in the way of success. They didn't whine or cry or lament; they persevered until the end. And when the end came there were great regrets about leaving. The modern day accomplishment while not as great as the historic accomplishment one did come away with the feeling that our ancestors did and were special people who's mold was passed to us as a torch through the generations.

I think those among us with a modicum of success through out their lives, have achieved such, because they walked with hope, they actively embraced the struggle, they hungered for the challenges of daily life, they founded their faith on something more than men, or business, or interpersonal relationships in community and family. When all else failed, no matter what they faced, they faced it with an abiding love and recognition of their Creator. Amazing, since even the best of the faithful were merely men and women fraught with sinful desires of one sort or the other, and who's own predjudices had to be over come in order to work side by side and make our country as it is.

We fight our external demons as a corporate group, while embracing even the thought of those who dissent. We hunger for an end to conflict, even while behind our back and beyond our knowledge, sometimes those who are suppose to be serving us politically are actually serving us up to our enemies. Yet still…

We are bound in this commonality: "Don't tread on us! Don't mess with our families! Don't mess with our freedoms!

We are Americans, We THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES.. As long as one of us has the breath to breath and the mind to think.." we will hold these truths to be self evident: That each person has the GOD given right to LIFE, LIBERTY, and The PERSUIT OF HAPPINESS."

Today I honor all the Men and Women of the United States Armed services who have given their lives, who lived yet made the sacrifice, you who serve today to protect those truths that we hold self evident. And May God Bless the USA!!!!

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