Thursday, May 05, 2005

Just when you think things cant get worse and other blessings from God!

Im stunned.. well i was yesterday. Last week was an amazing blessing. Kim the owner of Pennsylviania Landscape Gallery in Wellsboro PA bought 13 of my paintings. Including "The Buck" Kim and I met through E-bay the fall before my father died. She bought up nearly everything I put on ebay. She's a Christian and former Art teacher. We lost touch a couple of years ago but she finally found my e-mail and contacted me a few weeks ago. So thats an amazing blessing to hear from her again and have her purchase some of my work.

Last weekend Was the monthly antiques, collectables and art weekend at Fox Den Antiques. It was the weekend that almost didnt happen for me. We had lots and lots of rain. and I wasnt sure I would be able to exhibit and demonstraite my work because there wasnt a place for me inside. But when I arrived back in town on Saturday morning I went streight to The "DEN" and Lori greeted me at the door with "did you get my message" She then proceeded to tell me that at the last minute they had a vendor move out so there was a prime space for me to set up for the entire weekend. I was so grateful. I didnt know how on earth I was going to lug all my stuff in and out of the building by my self two days in a row. Every person that bought a painting this weekend wanted a real origional not a reproduction. That was amazing. I doubled my best sale day even with such a messy weekend. Thanks to Lori who suggested I add jack russel terriers to the subject matter. All the mini foxes sold, one barn and a number of those terrier paintings. ...hey it pays to take advice from some one who knows the market!

WEll that brings me to the last thing... that thing that has me stunned. For the last 10 weeks I have been really struggling. I mean Ive been trying to get my mom taken care of, to drs appointments, taking physical therapy twice a week ( aqua therapy) recover from the pain and the strain of it, and hit prayer meetings at two churches.. load and unload the car (80 ft walk to my car one way... and paint and teach... and.. yesterday I found out why it was so hard...*long sigh*...

On march 10th during my intake exam for physical therapy I rebroke my unstable ankle. Now I could be really discouraged about this cause its like really messed up. I can have a cast for 6 months, or an op to reattach the tendon or just walk around with it in a splint for the rest of my life. Geeze no wonder I couldnt dance at the Powwow two weeks ago. .. well i might do the last one... the splint thing for a while... I mean this is really crummy you know... then I suddenly realized


Am I not just the most amaz..... geeze...... no im not all that amazing.

The realitiy of it is that God is so merciful and kind that through his HOLY SPIRIT during all that weakness.. all that pain.. all that struggle to do what was required, he was my complete strenght. I didnt really accomplish anything.. he just showed my his great favor in the midst of something I didnt even know about that was wrong. I never had time to even go to the doctor until yesterday. So I could just sit here and fuss and grumble and be angry about this turn of events when Im trying so hard to loose weight and get fit, but I am sitting here trusting that all of this is just part of the bigger plan that I havent seen yet. Im not going to change a thing except that now I dont have to feel guilty about sitting down when the pain gets too bad. whoohoo.. AMAZING GRACE!

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