Saturday, December 10, 2005

Framed!!! Finally

check this out!! This was my christmas card in 1996. Its one of my favorite paintings and I still sell it as a print. I keep it at the end of my hall but it never had a frame. My friend's husband had been collecting all these old frames. They were mostly 16" by 20" plus a few 18" by 24" both are standard sizes for canvases that I use. The fox is actually a 16" by 20" Betty from Culpeper Antiques suggested that I paint the frames to match the colors in the paintings like Maxfield Parish used to do. I had a totally duh moment.. I knew all about Maxfield Parish. My buddy in art school was seriously wowed by him and shared alot of the work about him. Talk about things you learned but forgot. Well here is my first attempt since my reawakening. It looks totally awsome. The only thing that would look better would be maybe some gold filigree???? Posted by Picasa

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