Monday, February 20, 2006

"The Way of The Cross" ... Religious paintings??? Me? Moi?..Naw.. painting in the Spirit!

I sometimes wonder what I have gotten myself into.I feel compelled to paint from the call to artists issued by the church im forever visiting yet have nearly committed to thrice. Each time something happens to stop me. Snow? Health? The pastor's assistant MIA! Some one wanted me to do this hahaha. God.

The theme is "The Way of the Cross Leads Home" Well I prayed about it and God has given me verses and images. I feel so unworthy to do this. I can only trust that God himself blesses these weak attempts of mine at what he inspires. I've never been through Lent before I was always at home or doing something else with the family. This year I suppose I will be here and this is the result. The first drawiing. The words of Jesus: "NO one can come to the Father except by me" Posted by Picasa

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