Monday, July 21, 2008

One of my favorites from the Mini Murals to Go!

I got the idea for this little Mini Mural to Go from the garden shed in my back yard. There was a weird sort of opening that looked about the right size for a small animal that had been cut in one side of the shed. So I just let my imagination run wild! I showed it to my landlord's husband as i was working on it and he laughed at my wide use use of artistic liscense. Then he told me that one of the children was a farmer and had just taken some of the chickens they raised to the 4-H show. Funny art imitating life telepathicly(?) Ok that is a stretch. Anyway the painting turned out really cool. Its on masonite in acrylic polymer with a semi gloss polymer finish that glares a little too much for me to photo graph it streight on. It has holes drilled in the top for easy hanging. It can also be framed. The largest of these Mini Murals To Go is 6' by 3'. This one is about 18" by 12". I say about because we had the guy at Lowes cut the board for us. Amazing the way they do that. Then my trusty assistant, Mary, primes the surface and drills the holes( not necessarily in that order) and I plan it, draw it and paint it. I have one I am working on now that is 4' by 2' of a Dairy landscape over near Brandy Station, Virginia.

We had hoped to have it finished by our July 19th event but I stopped being super human at about 25 years old. Anyway I will post that one too when Its ready.

If you are in the area please stop in at the Country Shoppes of Culpeper located at 10046 James Monroe Hwy on 29 south of Culpeper,Va If you need better directions, google maps works nicely. Email me at contact@llmartin if you are going to be in the area and let me know how you liked the work.

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