Friday, September 19, 2008

Wall Mural:The View from the Front Door Entry Hall.

The space was so narrow that you couldnt quite get a good streight on view of the project when finished. I was actually standing in the door way of the office when I shot this angle. Another intersting note about this Mural is that The Client and her Friend both learned how to paint sky and mountains just for the purpose of working on this project. They both helped paint an those elements. Each person was assigned a section and I blended the bits together. It worked wonderfully. I have to admit it did increase the time on the project by weeks because of the stopping and starting due to the classes. I think, however, that it was worth it.
One last note. This mural is signed in two places. One at the bottem right as usual. And one near the horses incase for some reason they might have to move the mural , if they loose the signature near the edge there will still be a signature on the Mural where ever it is installed.
It was quite a fun project. I really enjoyed the people I was working with as well as the opportunity to paint on the wall and to paint really large.
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