Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Cafe Press and Merchandizing LLMartin.com

I feel like I have been planted in front of this computer for days. It amazes me how many designs can come from one painting. And I am sure that within the limits of the programs available to me to manipulate the images I might not have found them all yet.

I must say it has been lots of fun. I have 11 of them up. That is to say it is recommended that we have 50 pages of 50 products with our designs. So that is basically 50 design themes. What a challenge. However I have plenty to work with, as my assistant

Today after about 4 days of wonderful soaking ran I choose to work on one of my Blue Ponies. This one is called Runnin’ Blue. Runnin’ Blue was originally exhibited on line as a sand pony in the Crazy Horse Collection. There are actually two of these sand ponies. But Runnin’ Blue is my favorite, so of course I picked him to use as the basis of the designs first.

The more I thought about Runnin' Blue the more I thought about the ponies I had been around in my twenties. These are hard working ponies, who spent hours patiently teaching young children how to respect horses and care for them while having fun. Then on their day off instead of complacent slow plodding animals they stand for a moment before the gate. The take off once that halter is removed. Its their version of the weekend. They Stretch, roll, race, eat and anything they want to do, they do it. Freedom! That moment when every pony was out there just doing what ponies do and enjoying it. As we all know a little freedom never hurt anyone.

Check out the new Runnin' Blue designs at : http://www.cafepress.com/RunninBlue
Or checkout the entire collection so far at www.LLMartin.com and click the gift shop link.


Kathleen said...

Love the Runnin' Blue! That's a really fun image =)

LLMartin said...

Thanks, I really enjoyed doing that one. I hope others find it as fun as we do.:)