Saturday, August 12, 2006


Bottles and Jars with mixed Flowers Posted by Picasa

I am selling this 9" by 12" watercolor painting
at Fox Den for $45.00
Its framed but wrapped with shrink wrap.

For years people have been decorating their second usually country homes with odd pieces of furniture and those old farm kitchen milk painted furniture. But this year I woke up out of my conservative stupor (meaning I’m slow to change when I already like something. It’s a trait Jackie O had.) And I suddenly figured out that if I painted everything I own white.. I mean the few pieces of furniture I have.. I would be right in style. Sorry, I am not going to paint my mom and dad’s little cherry table, that I use as my computer desk, white!

I have shabby chic stuff all over my house. Although I think we finally recycled the old chenille bead spreads so many times that the last use was dog towel. At one point it was a tent too.

Now I have discovered that yes those weird looking white and banana frames I bought at a yard sale actually can be of use with out repainting them! They are totally shabby chic. Hahaha I’m chic! Well in a shabby sort of way.

But guess what. I got this interesting thing happening. My art sales have been like a sailboat in a windless sea the last two months. So what the heck, when a client called me and asked me to paint some flowers.. Well I did it. And some little jars I have too. How funny I sold about 15 or so of them last weekend ( for an undisclosed amount of money) and she gave me a bunch of flowers from her garden. So, all week I have been painting flowers. My most challenging one has been the bachelor’s button so far. But matched up with those shabby chic frames and some glass jars they totally Rock!

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