Saturday, August 12, 2006

Where Have I been??? Juggling??

I am not a juggler! ( but my sister was once)

Well I have been so overwhelmed with all that has been going on that finally I had to turn off the bells on my phones to get some work done. I know its annoying people but have you ever tried to paint a continuous wash and keep it smooth and wet and be continually interrupted by phone calls about nothing much.

Social times gotta stay after hours!

Ok that’s the rub.. I’m an artist.. I don’t get social until all the work is done. And I don’t have all the work done until all the ideas in my head are completed to the physical realm. Not to mention I just spent 2 months struggling for existence because I had pneumonia. So most everyone had free access to me then but I don’t remember it hahaha.

I have to have peace and quiet when I work. ( well benign background sounds are ok.. music, fox news, cnn, WTOP, mash….I don’t have to think about them and they don’t require attention.

I don’t understand why anyone would be offended because I work like this. Yet and alas….

Still I’ve managed so far this year to complete about 600 paintings and its only August. Well ok.. most of them were studies. And I haven’t even started the oils yet. But I am going to continue working like this until the end of October, God willing. Or I run out of materials.

And that means keeping up with my blog a few times a week. Because my writing has suffered. NO MORE….

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