Saturday, November 25, 2006

Order your Horse Now: Only $1800

Close-up of the horse Posted by Picasa

I can take custom Comission orders on this painting.
Just contact me at

More stats on this Painting:
Size of the Painting:
Due to the limitations of my work space I am only able to do 3' by 5' on masonite.
The Barn Door:
Please specify if the barn door should be white, black or traditional red.
The Horse:
I can do all traditional Thoroughbred colors (grey, black, brown, bay, chestnut)colors plus: palamino, buckskin, albino, and dun. Add 30% for unusual roan markings, appaloosa, paint markings. How much the aniamal appear like your horse depends on the photography you provide.
The Companion Animal:
A Companion animals can be: chicken, goose, duck, small dog or cat, rabbit(additional cost for unusual color patterns ie brindles, laced,)

Whats included in the Barn Door package?
A 3' by 5' faux barn door painted with the above mentioned horse of your choice and one smaller companion animal on treated Masonite. Painted with laytex paint and sealed with a semi-gloss polymer. (long term outdoor installation not advisable.)
$ 1,800 plus S&H and insurance. ( Va Residence pay sales tax)

Terms of Sale:
1/3 non refundable start up fee with your photographs: $600.00
Once the artist receives and your money clears the artist will begin the first stage of your painting. She will do a cartoon sketch for your approval as to layout of the painting. Once this is finished and approved by you, she will begin work on the painting. When the painting is finished she will e-mail a photograph or digital image to you for your approval and minor changes.

When both are satisfied with the work the final amount of $1200.00 is due, plus the shipping and handling and insurance from the carrier of your choice. The buyer has 10 days upon final approval to submit payment of the Balance. Once the money has cleared the artist will ship your painting to the location of your choice in the contenential USA or Canada. The entire artistic process from first payment to last can take from 2 to 6 months depending on the season and work load of the artist.
Important Disclaimer:
If the buyer defaults on the sale or for some reason the money doesnt go through, at the end of 30 days the sale is cancelled and the set up fee becomes a cancelleation fee. The Artist is then free to offer the painting in open auction or other venues. If after the painting is offered for sale the buyer reconsiders and wishes to purchase it the buyer will have to pay full price.

Note: This artist does not give refunds for any reason. Study her work carefully and make sure you like her style and skill before you order. She is a folk realist and impressionist painter so dont expect or ask her to paint in a style different from her own. The artist wants the customer to be happy with the work and will do her best to produce what is requested.

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