Wednesday, November 25, 2009

And the Winner of my First ThanksGiving Giveaway is:

Update  January 25, 2010: For her miniature portrait our winner Assemblagequeen decided on one of her favorite cats: 
8 year old Tang Yin.
 Tang Yin is a Flame Point Siamese. Wat a beautiful Cat!

The finished product was a 2.5 by 3.5 inch watercolor on 300lb watercolor paper. Colors will be different due to darkness and settings of individual computer screens.
Thanks to everyone who participated.


How we choose the winner:
Well I had to come up with an really awesome way to choose the winner. So here is how we did it.
1..Each entries name was written on a piece of paper.
2.Then each paper was folded into indentical squares.
3.Then after getting Nika's attention and telling her to pick a winner for us. She in very excited fashion  watched as I threw the papers on the floor where she hopped down and picked  the one at random, and after careful consideration, that she wanted. Of course I had a bit of a struggle getting it away from her to see the name. She is now batting that very paper all around the studio and hall. She is a cat that really likes to play with paper.

So the winner is:
Remember you have until March 25th 2010 to use your miniature pet portrait. Contact me through convo in etsy please.

Everyone have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving! Thanks for participating!

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Nutty Artist said...

Linda, I am so excited about winning and getting one of your paintings. Tang Yin is my old lady and I am very pleased to have you paint her. She is a rescue and from what I heard about her past, this is the lap of luxury. Poor thing came to me with no teeth and she was only 8 years old. Give your kitty a hug from me for picking my name.