Monday, January 18, 2010

Me and My Just Dreamin' Dog T-shirt on Cafepress

Last month ( December 2009) I got the coolest twitter message on my  LindaLMartin twitter. It seems that each month Cafepress randomly chooses  a few designers to give free t-shirts too. Well I have a number of designs on Cafe presss. But my favorite is from my watercolor of the sleeping french bull dog called Just Dreamin'. So when they contacted me I was so excited. In return I was suppose to take a photo of myself wearing the shirt so that they could use it in a scrap book of designers and for advertising of their products. Well I've had a terrible time finding someone to take the picture. Usually the timing was wrong or the camera wasn't working for some reason. But finally today my friend Margie took the shot for me. It looks great. But unfortunately I was having a bad hair day. hahahaha. Anyway here is my shirt and two of the pictures that Margie took.

Thanks Margie!! What an awesome Job!

You can see the full line of  Just Dreamin' Designs at :

Sizes up to 5x
Maternity Sizes too.

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