Monday, January 25, 2010

One last Mare and Foal from the Art pARTy Image.

"Her Taffy Foal"

I just thought I needed to do one more little painting from the Art pARTy  image by Linda Shantz. This time the mare is gray and the foal is taffy. The painting is  9" by 6" watercolor on Starthmore 300 series Watercolor paper using artist grade Grumbacher watercolors



Kathleen said...

Very fun! It's really fun to see how we used the original photo to create such unique pieces of artwork.

LLMartin said...

Thanks Kathy. I really feel motivate when I am painting with others lately. It keeps me fresh and I love sharing. Each of us has such a lot of personality when we paint, this gives people who collect our work an idea of our uniqueness, it probably helps us see our own for that matter. Btw. I wondered what that white spot was on that horse. Cudo's to you for seeing that it was a bird. Nice use of bird I should say LOL!

Kathleen said...

Painting with others motivates me, too. It was nice to find a 'cyber' opportunity to do that! It really helped me to see how others viewed the photo - and it was fun to see the different ways some of painted the same thing! Too funny about the bird =p I really studied the photo because I usually paint very slow and I knew that I had to step it up. The more I studied the photo, the more little details I saw. This detail was too cute to pass up!