Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Just a Bit of Blarney" Linda L Martin's entry for the March Virtual pARTy

Sometimes the most difficult thing to do when you are participating in one of the Virtual pARTies is coming up with something fresh and original plus creative.

Well this month I focused in on “Anything Goes” in the guidelines. Plus I really wanted to do something that would celebrate the Holiday today. St. Patrick’s Day. Thus can my little painting “Just a bit of Blarney” This wasn’t a hard exercise for me, because I do have abstract expressionist tendencies, Besides, the only thing more fun than a green horse, is a pink one.

So I started with the main photo by artist Linda Shantz. Then I flipped it and superimposed the two horses together, so they would look like twins standing side by side. That wasn’t too hard with my photo-impressions program. We also had size constraints, which I usually manage to miss sometimes. This time I thought I better make sure I got them right. So I needed to crop the new altered photo to fit 6 inches by 4 inches.

I noticed that this photo had a lot of Irish colors in it. White, green and orange predominantly. There was also violet for the snow. So I limited my pallet to greens, violets, siennas,  yellows and of course white. So then I began to paint fantasy animals of green, with violet blankets and the background being the yellows and sienna. I did keep the white of the blazes just because I like white blazes. That was the only logic in keeping the blazes white.
And thus we have “ Just a Bit of Blarney” a 4” by 6” acrylic painting on 90lb watercolor paper.

Yes, it will be for sale on my Wild Side store in etsy after the party is finished.
The Virtual pARTy runs from March 15th through March 20th. Each participating artist has 24 hours from start to finish to create a work of art from the same photograph.Click hereTo read more about the Vrtual pARTy .

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Kathleen said...

roflol! I love your 'blarney' very fun!!!

LLMartin said...

Im so glad you like it! =0)