Thursday, March 11, 2010

Time Challenges and New Prints of Originial Art by Linda L Martin Artist

Finally The first 6 of my newest prints from my watercolors are up in my main etsy store:

Well the Goal is to work well; but, not over work.
However, these past couple of weeks seem to be making my goal more distant. Trying to fit in Physical Therapy and reading technical books on the latest graphic design techniques is a bit of a challenge, when there is also marketing and creating already going on.
The new Fine Art printer is installed and in is special place in my studio and I have a reserve of special printing papers. I am taking a course in graphic design to better use my art toward profitability and I have now listed the first of my new prints on etsy.

We shall see where all this leads. I enjoy being busy, however, I really want to get some of these painting ideas out of my head and on canvas. Time has suddenly become very precious to me. It was before all of this; it is now even more so.

You can see my new prints on Etsy here:

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