Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Peaceable Kingdom or Gifts on the Deck Rail

So on this bright day I returned home from physical therapy. I was dragging. Yet, I felt like I accomplished something in that modified cycle of exercise. One always feels satisfaction that they overcame the pain and the bumper to bumper traffic as rush hour approached.

And I of course had certain knowledge that I was ahead of the game when I didn’t stop at Burger King for a baby whopper even though it was justified because I didn’t have time to eat all day.

So in that twilight between elation of accomplishment and distracting fatigue, I discovered that someone has left a little gift at the back door.

I suppose since I had not put any food out for the squirrels that they thought I didn’t have any. So they left me a cob of corn with the kernels still attached.

The squirrels know I come from this door to bring the food. On more than one occasion in the winter when I was late filling the feeders, a squirrel would meet me at the rail and peer into the widow of the back door wondering when I was bringing the corn scratch.

It was kind of a nice gesture. And not too surprising. The same squirrels, on occasion, take little tomatoes and leave me walnuts in the summer. Funny, isn’t it.

And such is the Peaceable Kingdom I call home. =0)

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