Friday, April 23, 2010

Standing Proud by Linda L Martin Artist

 Standing Proud
By Linda L Martin Artist
5” by 7”
Graphite on Canson All Purpose 90lb Paper
Ships Globally

As I was working on this project I noticed that the front foot of the Horse was twisted slightly either on purpose or that the horse was about to lift his leg. It reminded me of two things.

~First that you must closely inspect your photography before you start a project to be sure that the animal is standing properly and that the feet are facing the direction they need to be before you begin your layout. In this case I didn’t notice until I had begun to lay in the outline of his front legs.

~Second, this reminded me of a funny thing that happened with my horse, Piper, when we were shoeing him one day.  I had just returned from turning out a horse, and the blacksmith was ready to reset his shoes. He looked at me, then back at Piper. “ Real Conformation horse you have there” He said. That kind of surprised me, then I looked at Piper’s feet. He was standing perfectly balanced except both his front feet were pointing to the right! Piper was being really nonchalant about it. He was just that sort of horse, if he could think up a nice joke, he would do it. The Blacksmith and I both started laughing and Piper squared himself up, enjoying the attention.

Piper had many little humorous moments. But I think they deserve a blog post of their own.

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