Tuesday, May 04, 2010

How Artists Pass the Time

Every year  in Virginia we have to have our cars inspected. Not really a big thing. And really a good thing for road safety.  So today early, I had to grab a shower and a cuppa coffee and head to the local Mechanics shop. I arrived at 8am and was out before 10:00. Power steering issues. So what does one do with 2 hours to kill.

Well the first thing I did was catch up on the week's local news papers. Our county publication is one of the few locals left in the country that still covers major horse racing, shows and events. That's because a third of the major Steeplechase Stakes Races held in Virginia are held in this county including one of only 4 Graded Stakes Timber races in the United States. The Virginia Gold Cup and The International  Gold Cup. And two of the oldest Horse Shows are held here too.  Its been 10 years since I graced a Virginia style race course. I am still very interested in returning some day. I love steeplechasing best. Always have.

As I was flipping through the pages, I came across some of the pre-coverage for the Gold Cup just held last weekend ( they used to simulcast the Derby  when it was held earlier in the day.) There was a wonderful photo by Eclipse Award Winning Photographer Doug Lees. It reminded me of a painting I saw just this weekend  by Equine Artist Linda Shantz.  Well I'm not about to copy someone elses hard earned work, but I did use Doug's photos as a reference to study the lights and darks of horses side by side and over lapping. My Three ponies doesn't do his work justice, however, it was fun playing with ear direction, expression and contrast. I completed the study in  a little over an hour then shared the results with the billing receptionist. She was very excited. And  she gave me a lead I hope to follow up on in a few weeks.

Here is the result of my time in the waiting room. Thanks to Linda and Doug for the challenge.

"Three Ponies"
by Linda L Martin, Artist
Graphite on Strathmore Sketch Paper
5.5 by 5 inches
For more information info about me go to www.LLMartin.com

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