Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Garden Ponies Collection ( The Back Story)

Whew what a day! Ive been actually vacillating between doing a collection of prints and art cards with the crazy horses for several weeks now. But I would get all excited about it then .. just hit a motivational wall. It does happen from time to time. I wonder if it might have something to do with the fact that Im really into this garden direction. So this morning I didn't actually plan out my day I just thought well I will start the process of working on The Garden Ponies. I had been planning their collection for a while, besides everyone really loves the painting that sees it.

The Garden Ponies is strictly the creative response to a lawn guy who didn't show up for 6 weeks in the middle of the rainiest spring we had had for about 5 years. The outcome of that was .. yes, a Hayfield in my backyard. In fact I was surprised we didn't get cited for it by the town. Yes, it was real hay. Orchard Grass to be exact, with what ever the birds brought in over the years. I suppose at one time this was a pasture or farm land or something prior to 1950 when the house was built. When I saw that hay waving in the breeze, well I just let my mind run wild as if .. what would happen if there was a little pony paddock back there. And one of them had figured out how to knock the poles down across the gap in the fence( we had a pony who used to do that) , then off they would go checking out the flowers, drinking from the birdbath and perhaps even peering into the windows while we ate breakfast.

As soon as I began working on the layouts and prepping the photography for the note cards, I knew I had made the right project choice. And I was able to give my first three chapters in my graphic design course a practical workout.  What I learned about Photoshop really came in handy with these little printed bits. I haven't laid out the larger prints yet. But all of the Cards are done. Tomorrow or Friday I shall have the entire collection up and running... well online.

You can see the first of the collection now up on Etsy in my LindaLMartinArtist Store.


pfd said...

Your garden ponies are darling. I love the little story you created for them.

LLMartin said...

Pfd, thank you so much. Im so glad you enjoyed the story. =0)

Joyful HandKnits said...

Very cute! I love the story - Black Beauty was one of my favorite stories as a child.

Joy from

LLMartin said...

Thanks Joyful Handknits. Im glad you liked it. Black Beauty was one of my favorite stories too. =0)