Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Summer.. I mean its really really summer.

As an Artist I am always trying to observe Nature, as you never know when something interesting might happen. Sometimes trying to find the beauty in everything around you isn't that easy. But as you can see we do have some interesting things happening during our dry spell. And yes we are having some very high temperatures around these parts of the Piedmont of Virginia.
This morning they predicted that the temp was going to be 100f but the guy at the auto shop told me that it was 104f in the shade over in Culpeper. The heat isn't the issue though, its the fact that we haven't had rain for so long. Nearly 5 weeks now with out any.

Thankfully we had all that heavy deep snow  this past winter and fall, so I have it on a good authority that we have plenty of water and the water table for our little town of 630 people is very good and sustained. As a result even though the ground around the trees is very dry we have been able to keep our veggies relatively well watered and a bit of the left overs have gone to the few flowers that can stand the heat.

Everything in my yard seems to be holding its own except the grass under the trees and the aspen tree next to the ramp.(they need flowing water) That is looking a little yellow and dropping some leaves. I do pots for my veggies thanks to my assistant last year. So it is all manageable. The one flower, the day lilies are about half the normal size this year and about two weeks later than everyone else's flowers.

At the end of this week we are suppose to have a chance of thunderstorms. Hopefully we will have nice soaking gentle rain for a few days before the next heat wave. I'm thanking God every day  for that snow last winter. He does make the most awesome provisions!


cksilver said...

Beautiful pictures! Got to love summertime!

Jewels by Trish- Handmade Jewelry- Artisan: Trish said...

Your place is beautiful!

LLMartin said...

Thank you both so much. Im glad you are enjoying them. Trish, I have to tell you I think God made this place especially for me. I love it here so much and hope I can even retire to this little town. Trusting him for that =0)

Justine said...

Lovely photos